USA TODAY Can't Report Race OR Immigration Status Of West African Killer
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I dare not call this "black humor" as that would be racist so dark humor it is. It's laughable because USA TODAY has reported neither race nor immigration status of the killer Randall Burns mentioned last night.

"Man" accused in the headline, "Massachusetts man"  in first paragraph.  a description of Teixeira (a West African immigrant from Guinea-Bissau )  as being "from Chelsea" and photos of one victim and yellow crime-scene tape are the most obvious signs of not reporting the facts. [Man accused of killing Boston doctors arrested after shootout, by John Bacon, USA TODAY,May 8, 2017 ]

One wonders how the killer got into the residence of the victims. From reading other news reports, a guess is that Dr. Fields knew the killer and let him in because Dr. Fields was a misguided, do-gooder, rescue-the-world physician.

For those who wish to rescue the world, good luck with that and please do it in some other country.

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