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Profiling the Wall Street Journal [James Fulford] - 12/04/04

The same Wall Street Journal which published a coded attack on Heather Mac Donald's work on immigrant gangs ["At least one Manhattan Institute scholar is convinced that Latino men are congenital gangbangers."—Jason Riley] has just published an excellent article on the airline profiling by Mac Donald herself. [Straighten Up And Fly Right, December 2, 2004, here or if that doesn't work, here]

It's a shortened version of her City-Journal piece here.

Whenever I see them coming out for profiling, I can't help thinking of James Taranto's attack on me for saying "Er…Why Does Bush Have An Arab Bodyguard Anyway?," my point being that if America is at war with the Arabs, it's stupid for Bush to have an Arab bodyguard, who in one of the media-vulture scandals about American troops, might get a rush of "blood-is-thicker-than-water" to the head.

Later, Taranto did a story about an Arab FBI agent who behaved just this way, but apparently didn't see the connection.

However, just for the record, Mac Donald's point here:

But when the threat at issue is Islamic terrorism, it is reckless to ask officials to disregard the sole ironclad prerequisite for being an Islamic terrorist: Muslim identity.

is the same realist position as Mac Donald's statement that

Hispanic youths, whether recent arrivals or birthright American citizens, are developing an underclass culture.

recently excoriated by Jason Riley. I don't know what's happening to their party line. Pravda would never have allowed this.

Know Your Enemies [Nathaniel Parker] - 12/04/04

[Vdare.com note: Nathaniel Parker is a Roman Catholic American in New York]

Not many people would finger Pope John Paul II as a betrayer of Christianity and Europe. Someone who does is Ida Magli, Italian anthropologist, patriot and journalist who warns Italians and anyone else who will listen of the mortal peril to Italy, Europe, Christianity and Western Civilization at large from Moslem immivasion and the self-hating European Union.

 In a recent article on her Italiani Liberi associazione website, Magli lambastes the Pope for his soft-headed and naive embrace of Christian "dialogue" with other religions, especially Islam—dialogue which inevitably results in Christian concessions and apologies for assorted failings, real or imagined. In her view "perhaps no Pope has done such damage to Christianity and to Europe as Wojtyla."

Her latest sally against the Pope (she has criticized him before, but never so harshly) was provoked by John Paul's blessing the EU in the deluded belief that the anti-democratic Brussels supra-state will give birth to true peace, despite its flagrant anti-Christianity.

Magli wishes for a courageous cleric who will challenge the Pope's political follies as Savonarola (Magli is a Florentine, after all) denounced the worldly excesses of the Borgia Pope Alexander VI, but is not hopeful. The article is worth reading all the way through, but unfortunately is in Italian only.

If Magli has the courage to criticize the aging and ailing Polish Pontiff, one of our age's sacred cows, surely we have no excuses for pulling our punches about such merely temporal potentates as Mexico's George W. Bush. [Here is the link to Magli's article: I tradimenti di Wojtyla (in margine alla benedizione alla unione europea) , By Ida Magli, ItalianiLiberi associazione | November 4, 2004]

Not-Irish in Boston [James Fulford] - 12/04/04

I've just added INTERNET128.COM, to our Blogroll on the basis of this post about our Belgian professor piece, and this post about affirmative action in the Boston Police force:

As if that wasn't bad enough, [Police Chief Kathleen] O'Toole also wants to give extra points to applicants who speak more than one language. That's just sucking up to immigrant lobbies. We don't need cops who can speak Mandarin, we need our Chinese immigrants to learn some English. As do all other immigrants who decided to move to our city before learning el lingo. No English, no peace!

Some knowledge of Swedish may help in reading this weblog, which doesn't impair his point about official bilingualism; the Boston PD isn't beating the bushes for Svensk speaking new hires; (it could be interesting if they did) they have no Swedish crime to speak of, and most Swedes speak English, but most of all, the bilingual thing is an excuse to hire more affirmative action cases. And Swedes just don't qualify

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