A New York Reader Comments on Paul Gottfried, Ida Magli and the EUicide of the West
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October 28, 2001, 03:00 AM
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A Non-WASP Reader Reflects On The Great Guzzardi

A New York Reader Writes:

Kudos for an excellent piece by Paul Gottfried citing Ida Magli`s "Tutto Esaurito" essay. Magli is an anthropologist by trade and I won`t dispute Gottfried`s characterization of her as left-wing, but I think VDARE.COM partisans might find her a kindred spirit, and not only with respect to immigration. Her cultural anthropologist`s eye makes her a cultural conservationist in many ways, especially in her vocal hostility to the nation-destroying European Union.

I knew nothing about her until 1997. When I lived in London, I often worked in Italy. While in Rome working on a bank privatization deal (rather like a very long root canal operation), I escaped one day to La Rinascente to do some shopping. As I browsed, the title of a paperback caught my eye: "Contro L`Europa" (Against Europe). I remember thinking it must be just another leftist rant against Western Civilization or Christendom, but picked it up anyway. Then I could read the subtitle: "Tutto quello che non vi hanno detto di Maastricht" (Everything they haven`t told you about Maastricht [the treaty, not the town]). I suspected this was a book after my own heart, and bought it. It is.

Contro L`Europa is a passionate and elegantly argued case against the ruthless centralization and homogenizing of Western Europe that is the EU`s object. She clearly sees, and plainly says, that the EU can only succeed (in Eurocrat terms) by destroying the nation-states that are its members, and their distinct national cultures with them. Among the many things she ridicules is the reflexive anti-Americanism of so many bien-pensant Euros.

The book is in Bompiani`s "Saggi Tascabile<![if !supportNestedAnchors]><![endif]>" series. I do not know if it has been translated into English. VDARE.COM readers interested in the truth about the coming Euro-State could learn a lot from it. Given the overwhelming dominance of pro-EU propaganda in Italy, Contro L`Europa was a cage-rattler for Italy comparable to Alien Nation (what else?) here.

The site to which Gottfried`s piece is linked ( is a goldmine of Euroskeptic polemic. Ida Magli is an ally in the fight.

October 28, 2001