Unquantified Amnesty: A Blank Check For The Democrats
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Last week while writing Biden Enfranchising 11 Million, 20 Million, Or THIRTY Million Illegals? WE NEED TO KNOW! about the fraudulent assertion, perpetrated now for two decades, that there are only 11 million immivaders in America, I overlooked one of our best blogs on the subject: Brenda Walker’s May 2018 post: Tucker Carlson: Republican Congressmen Want Big Immigration Also.

This carries a scathing Tucker Carson clip (above) which spends the segment 0:40 -2:00 explaining the issue and the balance torturing Congresscritter Jeff Denham (R – CA-19, NumbersUSA career ranking D). This individual resolutely refused to show any interest quantifying the number of illegals and was revealed by Tucker to be a bought-and-paid for (so to speak) supporter of the DACA amnesty then under discussion. Counting potential beneficiaries of amnesties was and is very inconvenient:  Youth (DREAMER) Amnesty Estimate Doubles. Will Gang Bill's 11 Million Amnesty Become 26 Million?

Serving him right, Denham was one of the victims of the Democrat vote harvesting scam in 2018, in retrospect a dry run for 2020.

Tucker in his initial comments said:

“Does it seem like the number of illegals is the same as it was over a dozen years ago, or are there substantially more present in every corner of society? Are schools more diverse now than in 2005, or the same? How about construction sites? The demographic mix on the bus?”...
The real figure, it turns out is much, much higher. The ICE director Thomas Homan admitted that much last year. We know 11 million is not correct. So what’s the real number? An unpublished paper by Yale, three professors there, estimates there could be 23 million illegal immigrants in the United States.”

Brenda went on to cite a section from Anne Coulter’s essential 2015 book Adios America:

“Manifestly, 11 million is less a serious estimate and more “the smallest number illegal immigration advocates think they can get away with” ….

Adios America has an interesting passage reporting efforts to evaluate immigrant population underestimation in certain areas by looking at remittances, school enrollment, and building permits.

Not knowing how many people might be involved before launching an Amnesty is precisely like writing a blank check.

Unfortunately for America, the payee is the Democratic Party. 

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