Tucker Carlson: Republican Congressmen Want Big Immigration Also
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The truth about the number of illegal aliens inhabiting the United States is a classic Big Lie, and may be one of the worst ever foisted by the elites on US citizens. Their aim is to make this country unAmerican in terms of the individual independence that created the republic in the first place.

The specific lie is that only 11 million illegals reside in America, a number used since 2005 despite the constant of open borders and the continuing entrance of hundreds of thousands of unlawful foreigners every year. Does it seem like the number of illegals is the same as it was over a dozen years ago, or are there substantially more present in every corner of society? Are schools more diverse now than in 2005, or the same? How about construction sites? The demographic mix on the bus?

Given the extreme growth in the number of foreign residents, a less American USA is apparently the intended result.

On Wednesday, Tucker Carlson dedicated a dense two minutes examining the 11-million-alien lie because he understands that the number is crucial:

TUCKER CARLSON: Last year, congressional Republicans, you remember, passed a major tax reform bill. It accomplished a big goal for them and many of their donors. But tax reform wasn’t what Republicans ran on in 2016, popular as it may be now. At the time, they ran, you will remember, on immigration and a promise to treat America’s borders like they are actual borders and matter, like this was a real country. Now some Republicans in Congress want to betray that pledge in the most dramatic possible way.

They’re working tonight to pass a so-called discharge petition in the House. It would force votes on a slew of immigration measures, including some that would give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. How many? We can’t say, because when you push on the numbers a little bit it turns out that nobody actually knows how many illegal immigrants live in this country. And when we say it nobody knows, we mean nobody knows to within like 10 million. The estimate you hear from almost everyone is 11 million.

Eleven million illegal aliens living in this country. That number comes from Pew. It hasn’t changed in a decade, and that should be a tip-off, because over the last decade, illegal arrivals have continued and now states are actively sabotaging deportation efforts. The real figure it turns out is much, much higher. The ICE director Thomas Homan admitted that much last year. We know 11 million is not correct. So what’s the real number? An unpublished paper by Yale, three professors there, estimates there could be 23 million illegal immigrants in the United States.

Their low end estimate is 17 million. Even back in 2005, analysts at Bear Stearns guessed the real number was probably 20 million illegal or more. The bottom line is we don’t know exactly how many are here, but some members of the House Republican Caucus think it is a good idea to give amnesty to some of them, or maybe all of them. It’s not what their voters wanted, but they apparently don’t care.

Ann Coulter wrote similarly about the numbers in her 2015 book Adios America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole.

Archive.org has a text file of the book, used for the quote below:

There were 11 million illegals in the United States as of 2005, according to everyone. Thus, for example, the pro-browning Pew Hispanic Center estimated the number of illegal aliens in the United States to be 11.1 million in March 2005. The Department of Homeland Security put it at 10.5 million in January 2005. Other estimates from the New York Times , the Center for Immigration Studies, the Urban Institute, and the Current Population Survey produced similar numbers.

It’s been a decade and we’re still being told — emphatically — that there are just 11 million illegal immigrants here. Manifestly, 11 million is less a serious estimate and more “the smallest number illegal immigration advocates think they can get away with.” The usual impulse of special interest groups is to overestimate their numbers. But with illegal immigration, the number has to be just large enough to hector Republicans about alienating the coming Hispanic majority, but not so high that Americans boil politicians in oil.

The reason all the estimates from Pew, DHS, CIS, the Urban Institute, and the Current Population Survey are nearly identical — 11 million! — is that they all use the same census data. To count illegals, analysts subtract the number of legal immigrants (estimated from those who answered census surveys) from the number of foreign-born residents (also estimated from those who answered census surveys). But if the census’s figures are wrong, then, obviously, so are the estimates.


There’s good reason to believe the census numbers are wrong. In 2005, two Bear Steams analysts, Robert Justich and Betty Ng, warned clients that there was “significant evidence” that the census undercounted the illegal immigrant population by at least half. They estimated the number at closer to 20 million — and they were advising clients about something important: their money. . .

See The Underground Labor Force Is Rising To The Surface, Robert Justich and Betty Ng, CFA, Bear Stearns,  January 3, 2005.

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