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I see Conservative Review has just published a very generous piece on Ann Coulter’s book: “ADIOS AMERICA”: THE VINDICATION OF ANN COULTER By Jeffrey Lord July 10th 2015
Her critics are loathe to say it.

Not being one, I’ll say it: Ann Coulter was right.

Coulter, whose new book Adios America: The Left’s Plan To Turn Our Country Into A Third World Hellhole, is riding the best-seller lists, stands vindicated…she has noted this of America’s elites:

“Their game plan is: Never allow an honest debate on immigration. On every other important subject, both sides can be heard. …Only in the case of immigration is the public systematically lied to from every major news outlet. The media lie about everything, but immigration constitutes their finest hour of collective lying. They know their ideas on the topic are not popular.”

…“With immigration, the most powerful forces in our culture are all on the same page - the Democrats, the rich, Washington lobbyists, Republican consultants, and money-grubbing churches. Even stalwarts on other conservative issues like the Wall Street Journal, are with the Left on mass immigration from the Third World. When it comes to society’s rich and powerful, immigration is the great unifier.

The only ones opposed to fundamentally transforming this country into some other country are the American people.

Their goal, therefore, is to prevent Americans from thinking about immigration….”

Lord concludes
Adios America is a must read.  The shame is that it has taken the murder of Kathryn Steinle on the streets of San Francisco and the attention of presidential candidate Trump to finally make illegal immigration the front-and-center issue that it needs to be.

…it is no exaggeration to say the nation owes Ann Coulter a debt of gratitude for spending the massive amounts of time to do the nitty-gritty research into all the endless material that, when examined in detail and put in one place, presents a thorough - and thoroughly disturbing - portrait of the complete collapse of the American immigration system.

Very nice.

And what has NeoCon-whipped RedState offered?

Well actually they did quietly take the peculiar step of posting on their "Member" Diary Adios America: Review of Coulter’s New Book by kirkrg June 29th 2015 with the note

A slightly shorter version of this review was published in American Thinker:

(Their link was not live.) This is basically a book report but is fine as far as it goes. However in a revealing indication of what the RedState Commissars actually want the comment thread has been blocked.

And as far as I can see none of RedState’s own writers have chosen/been allowed to say anything.

(For the source of the above pie chart see New DOJ Statistics On Race And Violent Crime Finally Include Hispanics As An Offender Category)

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