To California GOP Leadership (Again): LOSE WHITE VOTE, LOSE STATE!!!
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Kashkari repelled California's Whites: Was this a surprise?

Amongst 2014’s many dramatic GOP successes, a spectacular failure stands out: Neel Kashkari failed to become America’s first Hindu Governor by losing California 46%/54%.

Amongst Whites that is. The overall vote was 41%/59%. Kashkari was so weak he apparently split votes of white men 50-50. (Source Exit Polls)

This in a year when

…one number stands out above all others: 64 percent of white men voted for Republicans. It’s the “widest GOP advantage in this group in data since 1984,” according to ABC News.
Slate: “Revenge of the White Male Voter”

Failing to win California’s whites was predictable. As Peter Brimelow pointed out when the GOP Establishment bought him the nomination

Not only is Kashkari not a conservative–he supports homosexual marriage and Amnesty–he’s barely even a Republican, having voted for Obama in 2008.
Tim Donnelly Easy Winner Of CA Votes-Per-Dollar Race

This debacle is pitiful. Not only was a solid Patriot available in Tim Donnelly but after the Primary the Obamacrat No Borders policy and the consequent Kidinvasion sparked spontaneous protests in Murrietta Ca. What a Photo Op! And the catastrophic impact of excessive immigration is getting into the public domain as Brenda Walker noted last month in Census: California Has Highest Poverty Rate

Peter Brimelow argued suggested a couple of years ago CA GOP’s Problem: Not Hispanics, But Whites (And, Of Course, Idiot Leadership). But I think I had key problem right in LA County GOP: A Minion Of Hollywood.

The top priority of The Money is to prevent the California GOP reformulating as the Generic American Party. Besides that, winning or losing elections is beside the point. Representation of White California is forbidden.

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