LA County GOP: A Minion Of Hollywood
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LA County GOP Chair Mark Vafiades: Hollywood Rules! H/T

Reviving (I hope) after a personal downswing I have been going through recent postings.

Right now the most powerful I have found is the Today’s Letter A Reader Reports That The PRIORITY At LA County GOP “Holiday” Party Was Crushing Opposition To Amnesty December 17th 2013

I was invited to the LA County Republican December 11 “holiday” party…

I went with another Tea Party friend of mine and a NO AMNESTY sign to display proudly at our table… After I placed the sign at our table, several Republican “officials” noticed it and became incensed. They fiercely demanded that I take down the sign…

I told the LA Republican Party officials that I was invited to the gathering; I showed them the invitation.  I then told them that if I were not allowed to display the sign, I would leave and display the “No Amnesty” sign in front of the restaurant for the Republican attendees to see as they arrived.

Soon afterward, a Republican official ordered security to escort me out of the party.

James Fulford thoughtfully added

Contact the LA County Republicans here, Chairman Mark Basil Vafiades here.

Actually just looking at Mark Vafiades tells you all you need to know. A minor Hollywood operative, he is clearly the mechanism for money of a certain type to repress whatever Patriotic impulses might still exist in Los Angeles County.

The LA County GOP has become a minion of Hollywood.

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