Sheldon Adelson To Buy 2014 Georgia Senate Race For Treason Lobby?
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S Adelson

S Adelson: "Y'all vote for Open Borders now, hear?"

The key Amnesty development  of 2013 has not been hispanicking by the innumerate Republican Establishment – it is the paroxysms of greed sweeping the parasitical Conservatism Inc community after they realized the Treason Lobby was prepared to spend huge amounts of money to gain open borders – as I discussed in Is Cash Avalanche Sweeping GOP Into Amnesty Acquiescence?

Further evidence of this can be seen in Super PAC Donor Adelson Targeting New Senate Race for 2014? By Kent Cooper Roll Call May 11 2013. This wonkishly wades through a whole bunch of super PAC filings to demonstrate that Sheldon Adelson is moving money into various Georgia entities including

Red Clay Strategies of Atlanta, Georgia...Paul Bennecke was a founding principal of Red Clay Strategies…. Sheldon Adelson has used Paul Bennecke to implement his strategy in the 2012 elections, and Bennecke could be the key advisor on how money might be used in the 2014 Georgia Senate race

The impact this is having in Georgia needs to be thought about. Every political consultant in the State will have figured out that if he can find a suitably obedient candidate the dollars will flow. Likewise the candidates. Those who are Patriots will be intimidated and discouraged by the wall of money blocking their path.

This is the Sheldon Adelson who declared “I’m basically a Social Liberal” in the December Wall Street Journal Infomercials in which he publicly endorsed Amnesty (for the first time as far as I know).

I repeat what I said then:

•    Sheldon Adelson is the enemy

•    Any pol who wants/takes money from Adelson is the enemy

•    With these fantastic amounts of money on offer, any elected official is extremely likely to be corrupted quickly.

•    The only hope is the legendary self-organizing capacity of the historic American nation— the awareness and anger of the grassroots.

•    Give money to!

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