E-Verify In Action! At A Mexican-Food Chain, No Less!!
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NumbersUSA has an article about the enhanced-E-Verify bill, H.R. 1772, that Congressman Lamar Smith (R-TX) introduced on April 26.  At this writing, the bill has 22 cosponsors including, notably, one Democrat, Peter DeFazio, a 14th-term congressman from Oregon.** [See below].

(To understand what's meant by the "enhanced" in "enhanced-E-Verify," see Section IV of the VDARE piece here.)

Below that article are several dozen comments from NumbersUSA registrants, including this one posted at 5:48 p.m. on April 29 by "Sylvia4936 of CA":

Is E-Verify at work in southern California?

You will not believe this! My husband and I go to Del Taco a lot because we like some of the food they serve there!

This morning we had to drive to a relative's home in Riverside, and when we got to Moreno Valley, my husband pulled into Del Taco to order food and all the Mexican workers were GONE and the Del Taco had all African Americans working there!

Then we went shopping in Perris, California later in the day, and my husband stopped at the Del Taco in that city and the same thing—all the Mexicans were gone and only African Americans were working there! In the past, 99% of the workers at these establishments were Latino!

I wonder if Del Taco did the E-Verify check?

This is so unusual!

NumbersUSA's Van Esser responded to Sylvia, "I found Del Taco in the E-Verify database, so they apparently use it now," to which Sylvia replied, "I swear! I never thought I would see American-workers-only at Del Taco!!!! I can't believe this!"

That's an encouraging bit of "grass-roots reporting," supplied to us by Sylvia4936 of CA [with a few punctuation corrections by me, for clarity]. 

Of course, E-Verify's purpose is to exclude unauthorized workers, not necessarily "Latinos," but Sylvia may indeed have spotted cases wherein E-Verify's use made for dramatically visible differences. 

It's clear, from searching on "Del Taco" in that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services E-Verify database, that the pertinent entity here is "Del Taco LLC," the privately-held parent company, based in Lake Forest, CA.  But about half of the chain's stores are owned by franchisees, and, as independent companies, they aren't necessarily good corporate citizens that are on-board with E-Verify.  So you might wander enthusiastically into your local Del Taco (all 500+ stores are in the west coast and southwestern states), only to be served by illegal aliens.

VDARE's—and all immigration patriots'—late and very much lamented friend Terry Anderson would have been pleased to see this epsilon of good news from a fast-food-restaurant company.  Terry, who was black and lived in south-central Los Angeles, always emphasized the absurdity that black teenagers he knew were shut out from such "starter" jobs in his neighborhood because they couldn't speak Spanish.  (This isn't necessarily a matter of needing Spanish in order to serve customers.  A kitchen and back area dominated by illegal aliens, all speaking solely in Spanish, can be an impractical or even hostile work environment for an American teenager who speaks "only" English.)


** [Form above]  Jim Ludwick, founder and past president of the very active Oregonians for Immigration Reform [OFIR] wrote to me regarding Congressman DeFazio:

DeFazio is the only Democrat in the Oregon delegation who is opposed to open borders.  He wants a secure border, reduced legal and illegal immigration.  He's the only one who makes the connection between increased population and environmental degradation.

He is in favor of mandatory E-Verify.  He appears to understand the link between cheap labor and the high unemployment and lowered wages of American citizens, and he's voted to reduce foreign work visas.

On occasion, he strays—witness his December, 2010 vote for the DREAM Act.

DeFazio sounds to me like an old-school Democrat who hasn't forgotten his roots and his reason for being in Congress in the first place, perhaps in the mold of Anthony Beilenson.

Anyway, Jim encourages phoning Congressman DeFazio (202-225-6416) to thank him for thinking clearly about immigration policy in the national interest. 

So, VDARE readers, if you're shy about phoning Congess, a thank-you call like this (perhaps to acknowledge DeFazio's cosponsorship of E-Verify bills) is a good way to get practice in a low-pressure situation.  Having that practice under your belts may come in very handy in the weeks just ahead.

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