Selma Commandeering Provokes POWERLINE To Risk Kosher Status, link to!
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Path to Citizenship (2)

H/T One Old Vet

Over at PowerLine, President Obama’s crude commandeering of the Selma myth to promote the obliteration of the American nation has had a remarkable effect. John Hinderaker has risked the site’s kosher status by linking to!
There is much that could be said about Selma and about today’s commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the march, but for the moment I want to focus on the purported connection between the civil rights movement and illegal immigration. Amnesty advocates have tried to piggy-back on the Selma anniversary, an effort that was supported yesterday by President Obama…

Actually, the current grotesque expansion of low-skill immigration, both legal and illegal, is a body blow directed at the African-American population. Donald Collins, a Democrat from Washington, D.C., gets it exactly right

Selma and Illegal Immigration By John Hinderaker PowerLine March 7, 2015

The link is to Democrat Says John Lewis Is A True American Hero—But He Needs To Get Real On Immigration which was posted here on March 2cnd.


Power Line is deemed sufficiently house-broken to be linked to occasionally by news aggregators like Real Clear Politics and The Drudge Report – which are clearly under orders never to link to We hope Hinderaker can get away with this.


The Selma PR atrocity also provoked another of the PowerLine writers: A BRIDGE FOR SALE by Scott Johnson PowerLine March 8.2015

President Obama began by paying tribute to Rep. John Lewis, whom he identified as “one of [his] heroes.” Lewis is his hero for more than one reason. In 1965 Lewis was part of the march across the bridge; today he is a ranking Democratic hack protecting the lawlessness of the Obama administration. In Lewis we can trace the fate of the civil rights movement over the past 50 years…

Obama seeks to protect illegal aliens as a core constituency of the Democratic Party. In its own way Obama’s speech demonstrates how the civil rights movement has become a racket for the wrenching of America further to the left in the service of the Democratic Party.

PowerLine has an interesting history in the Amnesty Wars. MIA during the Bush Administration efforts it became very valuable from 2013 as I noted several times, including Powerline's Hinderaker: GDP Per Capita Key To Amnesty/Economic Growth Claim (Or, The Toilet Paper Fallacy) and more recently in Fine Hinderaker/POWERLINE Post On Administrative Amnesty: Comments Even Better.

The site has been relatively quiet as the extent of the Boehner/McConnell betrayal has unfolded - I suspect out of sheer horror. But John Hinderaker did draw the right conclusion in Are Washington Republicans Incompetent? February 27, 2015

Politics is like anything else: if you want to succeed, you have to be good at it. As best I can tell, Washington Republicans aren’t. We need new leadership, and we need it now.
Of course the view is that the problem with Washington Republicans is not incompetence but ADD: they have been bribed. Maybe eventually PowerLine will come to see this.

But the bottom line is the same: they should all be fired.

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