Why Has GOP Leadership Spurned Base, Election And Constitution? Severe ADD (Adelson Dollar Disorder)!
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Sheldon Adelson and GOP Leadership (H/T Vox)

First, the magnitude of the Republican debacle over CROmnibus needs to be stipulated. After an election cycle which started with the shock primary defeat of Amnesty squish Eric Cantor by Patriot David Brat and ended with the resounding rejection of driving licenses for illegals by Oregon voters (at the same time as they returned a Democrat Senator), and with sweeping gains by Republicans across the country, the GOP Congressional leadership has passed a measure which acquiesces in Obama’s Administrative Amnesty coup d’état (and in the racial socialism of Obamacare as well).

I commend Daniel Horowitz’s discussion GOP Elites Don't Love the Constitution Conservative Review December 14, 2014.

Late Saturday night, while few Americans were paying attention, the GOP establishment abrogated the last distinguishing factor that existed between the two parties. The GOP elites in the Senate joined Democrats in declaring our Constitution null and void.

Not only were Senate Republicans planning to rubber stamp the CRomnibus /amnesty bill – the worst and most consequential single piece of legislation since Obamacare – they wanted to get it done without compelling Democrats to take a tough vote defending Obama’s illegal actions

20 Republicans – including Senators Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and John Cornyn (R-TX) – voted with Democrats to affirm the constitutionality of Obama’s act.

Anyone who scans the conservatively-inclined media knows that the Republican grassroots are ablaze with rage (unless one were to make the mistake of looking at National Review Online, which is trying hard to distract its serfs with fireworks about the CIA Torture report).

So the question is: why would any normal politicians, fortified by such an election, so incense their supporters by pushing through a transformational measure certain to destroy their party’s election chances quite quickly and very permanently? Don’t they want to defeat Obama and the Democrats?

Senator Jeff Sessions has explicitly asked this: Jeff Sessions Writes About The Senate’s Surrender On Facebook: “Why Can’t Americans Get Representation In Their Own Senate?”

Planets such as Pluto were discovered by realizing that other planets orbiting in different paths than would have been predicted considering known gravity sources. On Wall Street, the egregious corporate looting via the option backdating mechanism a decade ago was detected because of the strange pattern of firms claiming to have issued large quantities of options immediately before big stock price moves.

Similarly, the most efficient explanation for the otherwise profoundly anomalous behavior of these GOP Pols: they have acute ADD – Adelson Dollar Disorder. Or, to put it another way, they have been bribed.

(Unthinkable? Surely less so in the light of this new Sony revelation: Leaked Emails Reveal MPAA Plans To Pay Elected Officials To Attack Google by Mike Masnick Techdirt.com Fri, Dec 12th 2014)

The key fact in American political life is that a small group of billionaires are spending heavily to wrench the GOP out of the path that the inclinations of its base—formerly also its chief funding source—would normally indicate. The leader of this effort: Gambling Mogul Sheldon Adelson.

Adelson announced his intention to corrupt the GOP in a pair of advertorials carried by the Wall Street Journal immediately after the 2012 election. I discussed these in Sheldon Adelson Buying Amnesty From GOP Establishment—Help VDARE.com Inform Grassroots America!

Adelson’s fingerprints were all over the 113th Congress, from almost succeeding in engineering war last year (Syria: Why Are Boehner And Cantor Defying Base And Ignoring Country? Because They Have ADD!) to dictating DC drug policy. I was right to ask last month Obama’s Amnesty By Decree: Has Sheldon Adelson Already Paid The GOP Leadership To Take A Dive?

Now in a repeat of the 2012 advertorials Adelson and his friends have briefed the New York Times and the Washington Post about their plans to implement the strategy I noted in May: AdelZuck Servants Move To Exclude Serfs And Their Issues From GOP Presidential Selection Process.

The New York Times is interesting in its acceptance that the Adelson agenda is to force a broadly liberal stance on the GOP referring to

Mr. Adelson, a major donor to pro-Israel groups and someone with moderate views on social issues
Harry Reid was right about Adelson, but documentation of the fact has been slow to appear.

Amusingly Adelson has come to the same conclusion as VDARE.com about rapacious GOP political consultants.

Mr. Adelson, who is based in Las Vegas, is engaged in discussions with his small circle about how to take his political spending in-house and is considering setting up his own super PAC to intervene in congressional and presidential races.

GOP Donors Seek to Anoint a 2016 Nominee By Nicholas Confessore New York Times Dec 8, 2014

With the grotesque Sheldon Adelson Primary getting underway again Patriots need to enforce these resolutions
  • Sheldon Adelson is the enemy
  • Any pol who wants/takes money from Adelson is the enemy
  • With these fantastic amounts of money on offer, any elected official is extremely likely to be corrupted quickly.
  • The only hope is the legendary self-organizing capacity of the historic American nation— the awareness and anger of the grassroots.
After all, where in the Establishment Media, liberal or “Conservative,” have you seen these facts laid out?

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