Radio Derb Is On The Air: Why NOT White Student Unions, Etc?
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Radio Derb is on the Air, featuring a mixed bag of San Bernardino, women in foxholes, Global Warming, and a miscellany of shorter items, plus a shout-out to President Gurbanguly Berdymukhmedov —sample:
White student unions. Can you guess? — I'm all for them. One of the banners flying over Radio Derb corporate headquarters reads TOTAL FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY! If blacks, and Asians, and Latinos on some college campus want to socialize with their own kind, I can see no earthly reason why whites shouldn't.

If there is an earthly reason, or even an extraterrestrial one, I invite college bureaucrats nationwide to email in to me explaining it. Until I'm persuaded. I wish all the best to these white student unions, and am available to address them at a very modest fee.

Listen to the whole thing here.
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