Team Islam Surges Back Into Contention
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Screenshot 2015-12-04 16.00.29 Islamic nutjobs in America are relatively few in number, but evidently have an impressive chip on their shoulders.

Of course, if this NYT graph had started with the nice round number of 2000 …

And the liberal New America foundation’s definitions are conveniently narrow. Where’s the ritual triple murder of Jewish weed dealers in Waltham, MA on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 likely carried out by Chechen Muslim asylees? On the other side, where’s Omar Thornton’s octuple murder of whites he accused of racism? Where are all the black-on-black killings in Baltimore and St. Louis this year that the Administration and media have egged on?

But stuff like Omar Thornton are, in effect, domestic disputes and thus somewhat inevitable. In contrast, inviting in the Muslim world’s violence is a policy decision, a policy decision that could have been avoided, and a policy decision that the ruling class very much doesn’t want to have openly debated.

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