Pervnado Disparate Impact: Tavis Smiley Latest Black Celeb Fired For Sexual Misconduct, Possibly Involving White Women
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Black talk show host Tavis Smiley is the latest "victim" of that the New York Post calls the Pervnado.

Gateway Pundit linked to this, which he got from Mike Cernovich, but the ultimate source is a report in traditional entertainment industry news source Variety:

Sources close to the production told Variety that PBS hired attorney Sarah Taylor Wirtz of the firm MSK to oversee an investigation into Smiley’s behavior after receiving allegations of misconduct by Smiley, who hosts and produces the talk show. Wirtz declined Variety‘s request for comment. According to sources, MSK took reports from 10 witnesses, a mix of men and women of different races and employment levels in Smiley’s organization, most of them former staffers.

Representatives for Smiley did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The investigation found credible allegations that Smiley had engaged in sexual relationships with multiple subordinates, sources said. Some witnesses interviewed expressed concern that their employment status was linked to the status of a sexual relationship with Smiley. In general, witnesses described Smiley as creating a verbally abusive and threatening environment that went beyond what could be expected in a typical high-pressure work environment. Several expressed concerns about retaliation.

PBS Suspends ‘Tavis Smiley’ Following Sexual Misconduct Investigation (EXCLUSIVE), by Daniel Holloway, December 13, 2017

Or, as Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit put it Trump-Basher Tavis Smiley Suspended – Allegedly Forced Women to Have Sex with Him for Employment.

I would have added Allegedly Forced Women—Including, Apparently, White Women to Have Sex with Him for Employment.

That's my interpretation of reference to "different races" in the report above—the race of the victim of a sex crime or sexual harassment is usually unreported, unless they decide to call her a racist.

Further indications that this revolution may have disparate impact:

Three by Sailer:

Two by me:

Disparate Impact is frequently described by the cliche "Women and Minorities Hardest Hit."

In this case it's a case of "Minorities Hardest Hit By Women", but of course, it was also, apparently for many years, a case of "Women Hardest Hit By Minorities".

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