Why Is Rep. Luis Gutierrez Suddenly Retiring?
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Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), a Puerto Rican, has long been the unsuccessful face of amnesty for Mexican illegal aliens in Congress. Today, Gutierrez announced he was not running for another term representing his hilariously gerrymandered “Earmuff” district in Chicago. Why?

  • Gutierrez concluded getting amnesty through was hopeless?
  • Weinsteingate?
  • He wants to make some real money in the influence-peddling business, and the L.A. Times’ recent article on former L.A. mayor Anthony Villaraigosa’s now-flush finances inspired him?
From the LAT:
Antonio Villaraigosa left the mayor’s office ‘with no job, no house, no car.’ Here’s how he made millions since then

By Seema Mehta and Patrick McGreevy

Antonio Villaraigosa said when he left the Los Angeles mayor’s mansion in 2013, he had “no job, no house, no car.”

A glimpse at the gubernatorial candidate’s tax returns illustrates how he made millions since then, that he’s still paying for personal foibles and that he remains connected with the Hollywood red carpets he once enjoyed walking.

Since leaving office, Villaraigosa has made more than $4 million by advising companies such as Herbalife, Banc of California and natural resources company Cadiz; teaching at USC; and earning speaking fees, according to six years of tax returns his campaign released this week. …

A key question when he ended his mayoral tenure was how Villaraigosa would replicate the highflying lifestyle to which he became accustomed while serving as a state and city leader.

The answer appears to be consulting work for nearly two dozen clients, some more controversial than others.

Villaraigosa’s financial situation dramatically improved after he left office. In 2012, the final full year of his mayoral tenure, Villaraigosa reported $155,775 in adjusted gross income. In 2014, his first full year out of the mayor’s office, Villaraigosa reported $1.38 million in adjusted gross income.

Adjusted gross income:

2011: $167,542

2012: $155,775

2013: $593,725

2014: $1,380,096

2015: $1,280,296

2016: $1,312,666

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