Ideas Have Consequences: The Democrats Purge Their Cishet White Males
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In recent years, it has become not just acceptable but fashionable to rage against cisgender heterosexual white males as the cause of the world’s shortcomings. Not surprisingly, this has now led to Democratic Party affiliated institutions to carry out a purge of cishet white males, many of whom had it coming. But where will the bar of unacceptable behavior wind up: at the Harvey Weinstein level or at the Al Franken level?

I’m sure a lot of Democrats are saying / thinking / hoping / dreaming that throwing a few Franken level offenders in the volcano will mollify the angry demons and they can go back to regular business shortly.

Or does this instead set a new precedent?

What percentage of the male members of the Congressional Black Caucus are not in trouble under the new precedent? Can the Democrats figure out a way so that ten or 20 black Congressmen aren’t taken down?

And what does it say to the most important demographic group in the country at keeping the country running, the hated cishet white males, at what their future would be in a Democratic Party-affiliated institution? If Franken goes down while Roy Moore gets elected, which party would you a young white man feel more appreciated in?

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