Paul Krugman: Trump’s Racist, Statist Suburban Dream
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From the New York Times opinion page:

Trump’s Racist, Statist Suburban Dream
Racial inequality wasn’t an accident. It was an ugly political choice.

By Paul Krugman, Opinion Columnist

Aug. 13, 2020

…Yet it is true that a Biden-Harris administration would resume and probably expand on Obama-era efforts to finally make the Fair Housing Act of 1968 effective, seeking in particular to redress some of the injustices created by America’s ugly history of using political power to create and reinforce racial inequality.


For what Trump calls the “Suburban Lifestyle Dream” didn’t just happen; it was created by government policies. The great suburban housing boom that followed World War II was made possible by huge federal subsidies, via programs — especially the Federal Housing Administration and the Veterans Administration — that protected lenders from risk by insuring qualifying home mortgages. By 1950 the F.H.A. and the V.A. were insuring half of all mortgages nationwide.

Of course, these subsidies didn’t just help home buyers. They were also a gold mine for real estate developers, among them a guy named Fred Trump, who was later sued for discriminating against Black tenants, and whose son currently occupies the White House.

But these subsidies were only available to white people. In fact, they were only available in all-white communities. As Richard Rothstein reports in his 2017 book “The Color of Law,” F.H.A. guidelines specifically cautioned against loans in communities in which children might share classrooms with other children who “represent a far lower level of society or an incompatible racial element.”

Fortunately, FDR’s bigoted prejudice that blacks tend not to be good for property values has been illegal for 52 years now. That’s why property values in black neighborhoods have shot upwards so much since the Fair Housing Act of 1968 as the tens of millions of unprejudiced new People of Color immigrants have poured into the U.S. since then and noticed that discriminatory white people were stupidly passing up the opportunity to live in low-crime black neighborhoods with good student bodies.

That’s why the Biden Administration will continue the policies of the Obama Administration, such as its first two chiefs of staff, Rahm Emanuel and William Daley, to engage in population transfers of urban blacks from big blue cities like Chicago to idiotic backward red suburbs and small cities like Dubuque. It’s because Democrats deep down love Republicans and want them to benefit from the vibrancy that large black populations afford. White Democrats in Chicago like Rahm and Bill will deeply miss their former black neighbors, but you moronic Republicans need them, good and hard.

It’s not like Joe Biden has some sinister desire to push blacks out of Wilmington, Delaware or that Kamala Harris lives in Brentwood, California to get away from blacks. Lots of blacks have lived in Brentwood, such as … such as … O.J. Simpson.

Are you claiming that Kamala’s husband’s family, the Emhoffs, moved to Agoura in the Las Virgenes school district in 1979 to avoid the racial school busing in the Los Angeles school district? I’m sure that Ms. Harris-Emhoff would love to go on TV live with her mother-in-law and debunk that slander.

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