Obama: "I Came Out of the Jewish Community in Chicago... I’m Basically a Liberal Jew.”
June 25, 2018, 09:57 PM
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The New York Times summarizes how boring have been the the massive number of Obama Administration memoirs:

Postcards From Another Era: Obama Team Memoirs Flood the Stores

By Peter Baker
June 24, 2018

WASHINGTON — Construction crews have yet to break ground on Barack Obama’s presidential library, but the architects may have to add an extra wing just to handle all the books now coming out from people who once worked for the 44th president. …

The no-drama-Obama White House offered less intrigue, and the books emerging from it seem neither as momentous nor as dishy….

After all, what exciting events happened from 2009-2017, such as the President deciding on the spur of the moment to give a speech in Poland denouncing police-on-black shootings and a few hours later a Black Lives Matter terrorist massacred five Dallas cops? But who can remember some No Drama event from as far back as 2016 that merely propelled Donald Trump to the White House?

But here’s one interesting quote from Obama:

In “The World as It Is,” by Benjamin J. Rhodes, a former deputy national security adviser, the reader hears Mr. Obama express frustration over the perception that he was insufficiently supportive of Israel. “I came out of the Jewish community in Chicago,” Mr. Obama kvetched. “I’m basically a liberal Jew.”

A little too much self-awareness, Barack! Next you might be mentioning … how powerful the Jewish community is.