NY TIMES Baffled (Or Lying AGAIN) About Being Considered "Fake News" By NY POST
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John Derbyshire has joked for years that his morning paper, the conservative (sometimes neo-conservative) New York Post, is "America's Newspaper Of Record".

That soubriquet is more generally applied to the New York Times, which is outraged that NY Post staffers have been told not to rely on on content from the Grey Lady:

New York Post to Staff: Stay Away From CNN, MSNBC, New York Times and Washington Post

As the Murdoch tabloid navigates a fraught political moment, high-level editors instructed reporters not to base articles on reporting by four news outlets that President Trump has falsely labeled “fake news.”

By Katie Robertson, January 13, 2021

The Times's complaint is based on anonymous complaints from alleged Post staffers:

High-level editors at The New York Post instructed staff members this week not to use reporting from CNN, MSNBC, The Times and The Washington Post as the sole basis for any Post article, the three journalists said, speaking on the condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation. A Post spokeswoman declined to comment.

Emphases added throughout:

Why did The Post single out these four outlets and not, say, Variety or CBS News? The three journalists said no explanation had been given, but they added that the reason did not have to be detailed. CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post and The Times are seen as liberal within the Murdoch empire, which is home to Fox News and Fox Business, cable networks that were instrumental to the rise of President Trump. To publish articles based on the work of those organizations would not fit The Post’s right-leaning identity, the journalists said.

Here's the point that the alleged liberal moles in the Post seem to have missed: what these Left-leaning outlets publish is not just biased, it's frequently a pack of lies, based on...anonymous sources who may or may not exist, or the unsupported word of the the reporter him/herself.

We're suing the NYT based on their lies about us, which came about as result of the Times's attack on Steve King—which was based on the work of one reporter about what King said. (Neither King nor the reporter taped the interview.)

As far as the attack on King is concerned, John Derbyshire described it at the time:

This all followed a single remark Steve King allegedly made in a January 10th interview with the New York Times:

White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization—how did that language become offensive?[Before Trump, Steve King Set the Agenda for the Wall and Anti-Immigrant Politics, By Trip Gabriel, NYT, January 10, 2019]

Steve King insists that the last six words ("how did that language become offensive?") applied only to the previous two, "Western civilization." The way the New York Times punctuated it, though, it looked as if they covered "white nationalist" and "white supremacist" as well.

The NYT has been lying as long as I've been alive.

Here's an example--in writing about a Times report on an "unarmed" (the gun was found under his car seat) black teenager who was shot while driving a car that “matched the description” of car used in a drive-by (it was the car, and he was the driver) Ann Coulter wrote

There’s no reason to think this isn’t standard operating procedure at the Times. The editors can’t say, OK, OK, that one got past us!

The Times has told wild lies about the racist shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri (false), the racist arrest of Freddie Gray in Baltimore (false), the racist shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida (false), the racist gang-rape of a black stripper by a Duke lacrosse team (false) and so on.

Antwon Rose’s shooting wasn’t even a flood-the-zone, hair-on-fire story. But the Times lied about it, too.

This is a newspaper that cannot be trusted on anything touching on race. They’re liars and ideologues, not reporters and editors.

Ann Coulter: Why The NEW YORK TIMES Is Unreformable And Must Die, August 21, 2019

The NYT, to name just one these sources, lies all the time. You can't base news stories on what NYT reporters say sources told them. It's just not reliable.

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