Trayvon's 21st: If He Had Killed George Zimmerman, Trayvon Would Be Out Of Jail By Now
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Below, Paul Kersey remarks on the distressing tendency of white Christians whose family members have been murdered by blacks to "forgve" the criminal. The 21st anniversary of unsuccessful thug Trayvon Martin's birth reminds us that blacks don't think that way at all.

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Jim Treacher is retweeting various expressions of hate for Zimmerman on his Twitter feed:

Treacher, Breitbart's John Nolte, and Ben Shapiro are all receiving death threats as a result.

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One of the guys responding with hate (but not actual death threats, so far) to Ben Shapiro is actual black journalist Roland Martin:

But John Nolte's Tweet above suggesting that Trayvon would have turned "21 in prison" may be wrong—it's quite possible that if Trayvon, age 16, had succeeded in killing Zimmerman, either by beating his head in, or by seizing Zimmerman's gun and killing him, he might, as a juvenile of with no criminal record, have plead guilty to manslaughter...and been out by now.

Zimmerman, of course, would still be dead.

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