NeoCon Minion Lindsey Graham Runs For President On "Invade The World Invite The World" Platform
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[From left: Lindsey Graham, an Adelson-owned casino in Macau and Sheldon Adelson are pictured in this composite image. | AP Photos

Lindsey Graham and key Constituent

As predicted, the nauseating news broke today: Lindsey Graham launches presidential campaign By Sean Sullivan The Washington Post June 1, 2015. has a very extensive archive on Lindsey Graham (Scalawag – SC) which I invite Patriots to peruse: see here and here. The senatorial career of this disgusting individual has been an orgy of subservience to the NeoCons – hence his massive MSM overexposure.

Even after his owners had bribed the entire South Carolina GOP Establishment to take a dive Graham could only win 56.2% of the 2014 Primary. Strength in the South is what Jeff Sessions achieved in Alabama – no opponent in a primary or the general election.

Graham according to the Washington Post is of the party's most aggressive national security voices… a staunch military hawk… He has called for more forceful military strategies in Iraq and Syria and warned the Obama administration against trying to reach a nuclear deal with Iran.
In other words he is proposing to pilot the GOP into the abyss into which Romney foolishly plunged as I discussed in Subservience To NeoCons Costing Romney White Blue Collar Women Vote

His owners of course do not care: they can get the same social and close to the same foreign policies out of the Democrats: their money is being spent to prevent the emergence of a Nativist aka Generic American Party candidate.

Graham has been charmingly crude about his focus on Jewish Open Borders money – his Amnesty fanaticism has never been influenced by the damage being done to his Constituents.

I continue to stand by my prediction in Will “Sheldon Adelson Minion” Lindsey Graham Come Out As First Gay Presidential Contender?

Don't laugh! Remember the same operatives foisted John McCain on the GOP in 2008.

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