John McCain: The New Lowell Weicker, Another "Turd In The Punchbowl" Of The GOP
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The AP reports—although it's not exactly news anymore—that Senator John McCain (Traitor - Ariz.) has a new BFF: Barack Hussein Obama.

McCain-Obama, Sitting In A Tree.... McCain is now working on a near-daily basis with the Minority Occupation Government White House to destroy what's left of America.[McCain crosses aisle to stand with Obama Associated Press July 29, 2013]. If McCain had a shred of integrity left, he would formally leave the Republican Party and re-register as a Democrat. If...

Connecticut's Senator Lowell Weicker, another Left-wing GOP gadfly, proudly called himself "the turd in the punchbowl of the Republican Party." A perfect description of John McCain, although I'm not sure the demented "war hero" is floating in a punchbowl...

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