Sunday Talk Shows: Great News!
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Graham McCain

Spared! No Graham or McCain this Sunday!

For the first time since I was inspired by Mickey Kaus to start monitoring handling of the 2013 Amnesty battle by the Sunday Talk Shows, neither of the Treason Twins, Senators McCain and Graham, appear this Sunday. That is a rare event, going back I believe many weeks. What a relief from over exposure so extreme as to be comic.

That is the only good news. Despite the Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill continuing to be rammed through the Senate, and the House Treason Coven alleging a deal, no immigration discussion slot is scheduled on any of the talk shows according to Politico and no Patriotic leader has been allowed to appear. Business as usual.

The MSM is using this week’s crop of scandals, as they did the Boston Bombers, to distract the peasantry. I of course agree with John Hinderlaker: these matters are comparatively insignificant compared with the potential nation-breaking disaster that is the Gang Bill.

There is a chance the subject might appear briefly in the discussion panel at Meet The Press, said to be about

How will the latest controversies surrounding the administration affect President Obama’s big agenda items like health care, immigration, and the budget? What impact will they have on his legacy?

Here Rep Xavier Becerra (ReConquista -Ca NumbersUSA career ranking F- House Gang Member) is paired with Republican Congressman Dave Camp who has an only passable Numbers USA career ranking of B+ and to my knowledge has never spoken up on the issue.

To an outsider it is astonishing that these shows, presumably in competition for audience share, turn out so uniform. But that would involve failing to grasp the message of the Paul/Foreign Policy Debate atrocity.

This is no accident, Comrades.

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