Needed: More Netanyahus. Italians (Like Obamacrats) Encouraging Immivasion
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Boat People

Invaders arriving in Sicily on Dutch rescuer. H/T The Irish Times

With the issue of policy towards the “refugee” immivasion from Africa becoming critical the indefatigable Refugee Resettlement Watch has helpfully posted Learn more about “The Boat People” and the Invasion of Europe by Ann Corcoran October 8, 2014

This links to a touchy-feely piece in The Irish Times Journeys of death: boat people of the southern Mediterranean Rosita Boland Fri Oct 3 2014.

The first thing to be noted about this article is that The Irish Times, in the best tradition, shut down the comment thread after three posts. Can’t be bothered listening to the Serfs!

The second thing is that though the essay is totally unanalytical and sentimental about the invaders there are some important facts which have crept in

…on October 3rd 2013, a boat sank within sight of land off Lampedusa, and more than 360 people died.

Following that tragedy the Italian government launched the huge humanitarian effort that is Mare Nostrum, instructing the navy to intercept boats once they are out of Libyan waters and to rescue those aboard.

  • Contrary to their EU treaty obligations, they are simply sending the invaders to their Northern neighbors
Under the terms of the EU’s Dublin regulation, migrants are required by law to seek asylum in the first European country they arrive in… the law is being openly broken in public each day… It’s clear there is no official will to pursue migrants who wish to continue their journey onwards.
  • The trade is hugely profitable
The current fee for passage from Libya is $2,000 (€1,600) cash per person… Three hundred people in a boat means $600,000 for just one journey.
  • It is accelerating massively
By September 22nd about 135,000 migrants were on record as having landed in Italy this year. Last year the total was 42,000. On September 24th I receive a text …More than 1,600 people were due to arrive that day alone….Since the Mare Nostrum patrols began, many more people have been risking the journey. ( emphasis)

In effect, the Italians are encouraging the invasion, just as the Obama “No Borders” policy is here. See Maine’s Asylum/Welfare Loophole: Why Won’t All Africa Come?

Steve Sailer laid out the arithmetical dynamic in The African Total Fertility Rate Data Behind the Camp of the Saints 2014. But J Phillippe Rushton pointed to the fundamental cause here a decade ago in I.Q.: Why Africa is Africa – and Haiti Haiti

Unless Europe – and America – start producing Netanyahus the future is, so to speak, black.

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