NASCAR's Bubba Wallace Pontificates on Rittenhouse Acquittal, Fans Aren't Buying It
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Bubba Wallace, NASCAR's half-black, half-white Woke Star with one triumph out of 143 races, just had to comment on the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal.

Bubba tweeted that "Ha, let the boy be black and it would’ve been life…hell he would’ve had his life taken before the bullshit trial.. sad." Bubba Wallace Twitter, November 19, 2021

(There's a persistent black/woke belief that white shooters are more likely to be taken alive than blacks, and that this is a sign of racism.  Police aren't allowed to shoot someone who surrenders, and many black killers wind up in police custody.)

Many fans weren't buying Bubba's comment, and responded with plenty of tweets of their own.

There was an entire article on Beyond the Flag on the interchange:

"Wallace’s racially-motivated tweet ignited a firestorm of controversy and led to thousands of replies from fans, the majority of which slamming the 28-year-old driver of the #23 Toyota for needlessly worsening the racial divide." [NASCAR: Bubba Wallace ignites a firestorm with controversial tweet, by Asher Fair, Beyond the Flag]

Here are some responses presented in the article:

  • NascarNate posted a headline about Timothy George Simpkins, the black school shooter released the day after his shooting
  • Curtis Houck " As a longtime #NASCAR guy and someone who initially put myself out there for you when things went down last year, you need to stop sounding like Joy Reid and Nikole Hannah-Jones and get your facts right. I know the #NASCAR suits and journos will back you, but it's wrong."
  • Jim Treacher posted the headline: "Andrew Coffee IV [black] found not guilty of murder, attempted murder in Indian River County SWAT raid"
  • Brandon Watkins "I’ve supported you many times before, but the guy shot in self defense… this is a hard miss dude"
  • Lunchbox "Race baiting as usual...."
  • Ben "Lmao maybe if the trial was rain shortened it would’ve gone in your favor" [The only race Bubba has ever won at the (highest) Cup Series level was when a race was rained out when Bubba happened to be briefly ahead. That's his only win in 143 races.]
  • George Nolan The Third as in Dale "If a white nascar driver makes a controversial tweet like this he’d have to do sensitivity training and lose his ride." (Kyle Busch was sentenced to sensitivity training for saying "retarded" and even Truck Series girl driver Hailee Deegan was sentenced to it for saying "retard.")

More from the article:

Interestingly, this whole situation comes shortly after NASCAR president Steve Phelps stated that “We [NASCAR] do not want to associate ourselves with politics, the left or the right.”

His statement came amid the viral spread of the “Let’s go Brandon” movement, and it was seen by many as NASCAR simply trying to deflect attention away from the fact that the politically-driven movement started at a NASCAR event and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down since then.

NASCAR has previously allowed individuals and sponsors to use the sport to garner attention for causes championed by both sides of the political aisle, ranging from “Trump 2020” to “Black Lives Matter”, so the idea of “not associating with politics” was seen as kind of a head-scratcher.

Wallace himself even piloted a “Black Lives Matter” car last June at Martinsville Speedway, and it was he who led to the ban of the Confederate flag.


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