Murdered By A DREAMer: POWERLINE Catches Up With The Jamiel Shaw Story
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Jamiel Shaw was a black Los Angeles teenager killed by an illegal alien. This happened on March 2, 2008, and we've run a good many stories about it, as has the mainstream media. There are calls for a "Jamiel's Law" that would enforce the immigration law at least against illegal alien gang members.

Apparently John Hinderaker at the PowerLine blog had never heard of this case before:

Murdered By a Dreamer: Do Black Lives Matter?

Jamiel Shaw, Jr. was murdered by an illegal alien–a “dreamer”–the day after the dreamer was released from jail after a trivially short sentence for assault with a deadly weapon, and left to roam the streets rather than being deported. There have been many such stories; Jamiel Shaw’s story only came to light because his father, Jamiel Shaw, Sr., was called to testify before an Oversight Subcommittee hearing. His heartbreaking testimony illustrates the human cost of our government’s failure to enforce the immigration laws:

It just shows how much mainstream conservatives don't learn if they don't read

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