A Reader Criticizes Glenn Beck For Ignorance Of The Black-On-White Crime Rate
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Re: James Fulford’s blog post  Glenn Beck Had Never Heard Of The Knoxville Horror

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

The problem here is Glenn Beck makes this sound as if it's a unique problem with the media and this horrible incident of black-on-white crime (the Knoxville Horror)  is also unique. It may not be said but it's an implication.

Did Beck mention the many other black-on-white crimes that never get any attention, and  purposely, by the Main Stream Media?  Does Beck get his news only from the Main Stream Media? I suggest he bone up on black-on-white crime.  

James Fulford writes: The whole question is getting more attention recently, possibly a reaction to the Trayvon Martin brouhaha. I was surprised how much attention the recent murder of Christopher Lane got, considering that that this kind of murder happens literally every day.

Still, Beck deserves some congratulations. The Council of Conservative Citizens, on their blog, credit him with giving the  Knoxville Horror "the first serious national publicity it has ever received."

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