US Flag No Different From Confederate Flag As Far As Schools And Colleges Are Concerned
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Part of the hysteria in Oklahoma was caused by the discovery that at OSU one of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat brothers had a Confederate Flag hanging in his room [In light of OU SAE controversy, photo shows visible confederate [sic] flag hanging from OSU SAE house, by Stetson Payne, O’Colly, March 9, 2015]. Confederate-Americans are the one group campus multiculturalists don't feel obliged to respect.

An emailer points out that some schools and colleges are starting to treat the American flag the same way, for example at UC Irvine:

 UCI Paper: U.S. Flag Tied to ‘Histories of Exclusion and Violence’

By Adelle Nazarian, Breitbart, March 10, 2015

The official newspaper of the University of California Irvine (UCI), New University, has confirmed reporting by Breitbart News last weekend that a vote by the Associated Students (ASUCI) to remove the American flag from the lobby of their building was to avoid “triggering” a negative emotional response among illegal immigrants.

In the article, the co-author of the American flag ban legislation, Khaalidah Sidney, says that the flag served as a reminder for her “Dreamer” friends of their constant battle to obtain citizenship.

Among reasons included in the legislation as to why the American flag should not have be erected in the lobby of the ASUCI building was that it was flown during “instances of colonialism and imperialism.”

The legislation has since been vetoed.

New University writes that “for a handful of students, the flag’s symbolism is inextricable from and irreconcilable with histories of exclusion and violence committed on behalf of the United States.”[More]

Or at Silvestre and Carolina Reyes Elementary School, in Texas:

Texas School Paints Over Star Spangled Mural After One Homeowner Complained

By Merrill Hope, Breitbart, March 10, 2015

If it was not enough that the mere display of the United States flag hurt students’ feelings at a University of California campus, the mere likeness to the flag was cause for controversy at a Texas public school where the Red, White and Blue offended the surrounding neighborhood’s sense of aesthetics. “The developer told us that he had one homeowner complain about the colors,” said Canutillo Independent School District (ISD) spokesman Rene Leon in a CBS4 interview.

At the Silvestre and Carolina Reyes Elementary School, which is under construction in El Paso’s Canutillo ISD, the problem was quickly solved — they painted over Old Glory.

On March 6, KTSM 9reported that the district’s Board of Trustees met to address what steps to take next in the ongoing brouhaha. Canutillo ISD spokesman Shane Griffith shared a letter in which Cimarron neighborhood residential developer, Hunt Communities, stated that they had wanted the flag painted over because it did not fit in with the home owners association’s color scheme.

There was even an approved list of Sherwin Williams colors for residents to adhere to and unless “otherwise approved” Hunt Communities had final say if a color was in or out. Apparently, red, white and blue were not on the color wheel.[More]

That reminded me of this, from 2001, by the late Sam Francis, who was something of a Confederate-American:

Dismantling America (contd.): Guess What Flag's Not Coming To Dinner

Just over a year ago, in a column about the Confederate Flag controversy in South Carolina, I wrote the following sentences: “… the blunt truth is that racial slavery existed for a far longer time under the American flag than under the brief four years of the Confederacy.  If the NAACP denounces the Confederate flag today for its symbolization of slavery, it can far more easily denounce Old Glory tomorrow for the same reason.  Don't bet your battle flag they won't do it either, or that the political and business elites that cave in to them on the Confederate banner will stand firm on the American flag.”[Enemies, Not Friends, Of Confederate Flag Want War, May 5, 2000]

A year afterward, I wish to inform you that if you did bet your battle flag against my prediction, you just lost it.  Just in time for the first observance of Independence Day in the new century, a black legislator in Tennessee is refusing to recite the pledge of allegiance to the American flag.  Her reason: “This flag represents the former colonies that enslaved our ancestors.”

The legislator is Rep. Henri Brooks of Memphis, and while her position is so far rather unique, even among black radicals, she is the former chairman of the NAACP's Political Action Committee.  The NAACP itself, though it has not yet endorsed her position, “did not respond to requests for comments” on it, as The Washington Times reported last week. [Black leaders refuse to pledge allegiance to flag, June 22, 2001] Let that digest a while: The major black “civil rights” organization in the country refuses to tell us whether it does or does not approve denouncing the American flag as a symbol of slavery.[More]

Rep. Brooks [Email her] is now a Shelby County, Tennessee commissioner. Many of her colleagues in Tennessee's state legislature seem to have considered her a flaming nuisance:

Rep. Miller Forced to Withdraw a Resolution Praising Henri Brooks.

The controversial county commissioner is still persona non grata for many in the General Assembly, where she once served.

By Jackson Baker, Memphis Flyer, Jan 31, 2013

However, her unpatriotic attitude remains acceptable to the black voters who elected her Commissioner (she still won't say the pledge) as it was for years to black voters of Tennessee District 92. As I remarked regarding a recent controversy involving Rudy Giuliani speaking an obvious truth about President Obama,

neither Barack nor Michelle is particularly patriotic in the Lexington and Concord sense.

...the plain fact is that many African-Americans aren't—because they listen to people like Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright.

And Representative (now Commissioner) Henri Brooks.

As the story about the DREAMers at UCI Irvine makes clear, modern immigrants aren't assimilating to America—they're assimilating to Henri Brooks and President Obama.

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