MSM: We Must De-Adultify Society
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iSteve commenter ThreeCranes comments on the push to denounce the “adultification” of the stabby 200-pounder in Columbus:

That’s what I’ve distilled years of reading and commenting here down to. The other side of the “adultificatioin” coin is the “infantilization” of all minorities.

Now that women and womanly men run our society and report our news, every minority person is to be regarded and treated as an infant in day care.

There it is distilled down to one sentence.

Straight White men are abhorrent because they don’t bring the needed sensitivity and tenderness to bear upon the problems faced by these helpless infants. Instead they bring the Reality Principles of autonomy, objectivity, responsibility and competence i.e. “adultification” to the table. These are poisons to the fantasy world created and sustained by the women who run the daycare agency that our society has become.

Gay men are okay both because they are fellow “victims” and because they are especially sensitive, non-judgmental and nurturing (supposedly). Gay men are non-threatening. (Most women have no clue as to the brutal nature of gay sex nor to the predatory behavior of gay men towards random men they encounter when on the prowl.)

Also, nobody has paid attention to the jokes made by gay men since Oscar Wilde.

As in olden days, women’s input should largely be restricted to educating children from the fourth grade down. There are some exceptions and we should allow for this, but in the main, women have no interest in adopting a neutral, objective perspective. They should be tested and if they show no capacity for such thinking, then, fine, let them run the daycares and educate infants. Affirmative action is responsible for this mess. Standardized testing would quickly sort it out. Juries too should be selected by testing.

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