Myron Hammonds: Who Is The Headkicker In The Stabby Columbus Brouhaha?
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Many have wondered who is the large black man who, after the late Columbus teen Ma’Khia Bryant knocks down a young woman, comes over and kicks the prone woman in the head, almost hitting Officer Nick Reardon with his impressive follow-through? A blog by Uncle Turtleboy has delved into the depths of social media to discover that it appears to be Myron Hammonds, Ma’Khia’s dad:

In the video you can see Ma’Khia storm out of the house and run one of the other girls over. You then see a man come out of nowhere and kick the girl in the head while she’s down as Ma’Khia goes to stab the girl in the pink.

That man is apparently her father Myron Hammonds, who’s a real gem himself.

Ma’Khia was having problems with the two girls she attacked because they used to live in the foster home, stopped by a lot,

Apparently, this was the foster mother’s birthday, so Pink Girl and Dreads Girl stopped by to help her celebrate.

and criticized Ma’Khia for not making her bed and keeping the house clean. She reached her breaking point, and before someone called the cops she called up her father to help her take care of the other girls.
Myron Hammonds has had a warrant out for his arrest since January.

He has a long and documented criminal history.

A screenshot lists Myron Hammonds as the defendant in 18 cases from 1995–2018.

He plays the loving Dad on his Facebook page, but he had to be taken to court to prove that he was the father.

Why the cynical tone? Judging by how he kicked Dreads Girl in the head after his daughter tried to stab her, I’d say he does have a warm spot in his heart for his progeny.

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