Maine Democrats Accelerate State’s Browning. Afraid Of West Virginia Effect?
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H/T @RealDianaWest (Gab) for drawing my attention to a thorough Breitbart article Maine Builds New Rent-Free Apartments for Migrants Paid by State’s Taxpayers

This week, Maine officials in Brunswick unveiled new apartments that will go to border crossers and illegal aliens who will have their rent paid for at least two years.

The National Desk reports:

The state budgeted nearly $3.5 million to provide 60 migrant families in Brunswick with two years of rent. Maine expects the immigrants to “gain the means” to pay housing costs through state “support” and “guidance.”

The state is also supplying $100,000 to dozens of Brunswick migrants for a year’s worth of asylum application and work authorization assistance. The legal support seeks to ensure immigrants receive work approval Cas soon as possible” so they can “provide for themselves,” reduce pressure on public programs and help local economies by joining the workforce. [Breitbart emphasis]


Maine is a poor state, badly hurt by the faltering of the paper Industry. Breitbart notes

Last year, Maine officials found that about 4,200 residents across the state remain homeless, including more than 1,000 who have been homeless for a long period of time.

The link is to Chronic homelessness is growing in Maine, a survey suggests by Robbie Feinberg, Maine Public, May 11,2023. According to Wikipedia had a population of 1,362,359 in 2020, 94.8% White.

What is going on here?

The obvious reason is that Maine’s Democrats have enthusiastically embraced the Party’s multi-generational immigrant groups in the new multicultural world ”Elect A New People” strategy. A.W Morgan discussed this for us last year in Great Replacement Update / Maine: Governor Signs Order To Continue Browning Mostly White State:

Maine’s communist governor Janet Mills has signed a Great Replacement executive order to create a new state refugee office. Its 6-year plan: by 2029, import 75,000 “new workers,” being Treason Lobby code for illiterate illegal-alien Africans and Hispanics….

Mills is importing “new workers,” most of whom will collect welfare, to replace the state’s whites.

Since all these wonderful people congregate in towns, the Democrats’ control of urban centers will quickly benefit.

But I think, though, there is a somewhat more encouraging motive behind these drastic actions. Demographically, the state is very similar to West Virginia, full of white blue-collar workers. The political swing in West Virginia in the last generation has been nothing short of amazing.  Peter Brimelow likes to point out that Morgan County, home to the Berkeley Springs Castle, voted 75% for Trump in 2020.

Signs have appeared that this process is underway in Maine. In 2016, a Republican won the 2nd Congressional District, which comprises all the state except for a small fringe on the south coast, for the first time since 1992. Trump also carried the district, the first Republican to do so since 1988. Under Maine’s idiosyncratic system, this gave him an Electoral College vote. He also achieved this in 2020.

In 2018, the Democrats regained the 2nd District in highly suspicious circumstances. Then GOP Governor Paul Lepage wrote “Stolen Election” on his certification.


Personally, this was the first time I heard of “Ballot Harvesting.”

Maine Republicans are highly skeptical of Maine’s electoral integrity. After all, when an unelected Maine bureaucrat can deny President Trump a place on the ballot, what else might they not perpetrate?

Maine’s Democrats are afraid of a political seismic shift. Look for more recruitment of Illegals.

This will of course enrich the State. See

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