Rotten Boroughs Redux: Black Democrat Says She Needs Illegals ”Just For Redistricting Purposes”
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Earlier: A Talk Radio Listener Points To One Explanation For The Low GOP Midterm Gains: The Rotten Borough Effect Of Aliens On Apportionment

End Wokeness on Twitter tweeted a video of a black Democratic Congresswoman—Yvette D. Clark, of New York’s 9th congressional district—who says she needs illegals in her district ”just for redistricting purposes,” causing Elon Musk to ask ”Is this legal?”

What Congresswoman Clark is saying above is ”I’m from Brooklyn New York we have a diaspora that that can absorb a significant number of these migrants and that you know when I hear uh colleagues talk about uh you know the… the doors of the inn being closed, um, no room in the inn, I, I’m saying you know I, I need more people in my district but just for redistricting purposes.”

Well, encouraging illegal immigration is illegal, but counting foreign residents for purposes of apportionment isn’t. Maybe it should be.

This is an example of what we call the ”Rotten Borough” effect, and we recently Tweeted this:

That links to one of the earliest things I wrote for Immigration’s Rotten Borough dynamic…, February 23, 2001.

In it, I wrote:

Fred Siegel has an excellent book on ethnic politics in American cities - The Future Once Happened Here: New York, D.C., L.A., and the Fate of America’s Big Cities

He points out that in Los Angeles, where between 40 and 50 percent of the population is foreign born, the small percentage of the population who are actually citizens control the vote.

The Jamaican-American Ms. Clark gets a safer seat, and her constituents get Haitian neighbors (that’s the kind of ”migrants” she’s talking about) which they won’t enjoy—even if they’re Haitian themselves.

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