London Breed, Clara Jeffrey, And SF's (Willie?) Brown Axis Of Power
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Mother Jones editor Clara Jeffrey has a long thread on Twitter [Archived here] about how London Breed, the black lady Mayor of San Francisco, is involved in corruption scandal with black San Francisco Public Works director Mohammed Nuru

The corruption scandal is big news:

San Francisco City Attorney Issues Subpoenas in Public Corruption Probe

The subpoenas come after Mohammed Nuru resigned from his post as San Francisco Public Works director.

By Jaxon Van Derbeken, Michael Bott, Kevin Nious and Josh Slowiczek, NBC, February 12, 2020

Jeffrey writes

I can't even with how insular and incestuous and corrupt SF is. Mayor @londonbreed acknowledges she had relationship with DPW Nuru two decades ago and that they remained close friends. [London Breed,, February 14, 2020 ]

Ultimately much of this corruption traces back to [black ex-Mayor] Willie Brown, who once dated [black prosecutor and Senator] Kamala Harris, [whose] kids Breed once babysat, who installed many of those in power throughout city and still pulls their strings. AND WHO IS A @sfchronicle COLUMNIST.

Then she refers to this as "the Brown axis of power":

Of course, she means the Willie Brown axis of power, but it's impossible not to note that this is what we refer to as a Minority Occupation Government, which frequently involves high levels of corruption.

The question is why does San Francisco have this? Baltimore has it for demographic reasons—their most recent black lady mayor is going to jail for a corruption scandal, the one before that gave Baltimore rioters who "wished to destroy space to do that" etc.—but San Francisco is, according to Wikipedia, less than 6 percent black.

Who's voting for these people?

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