Minority Occupation Government, Lobbyist/White House Division
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Michelle Norris, NPR, and husband Broderick Johnson, Democratic Lobbyist And White House Aide

In last night's article The K Street President And His Lobbyist Staff, Michelle Malkin has this sentence:

Here’s the White House’s chortle-inducing rationalization for elevating Broderick Johnson (husband of friend of the Obamas and NPR anchor Michele Norris, and longtime Democratic lobbyist for Microsoft, Pearson, JPMorgan Chase, Comcast, Fannie Mae and FedEx) as a top aide:

“The pledge does not bar anyone with prior lobbying experience from serving in this administration,” an Obama spokesman told Politico.com. “Broderick has substantial experience working in the Clinton administration, on the Hill and in the private sector in a variety of capacities, as well as on the president’s campaign. We welcome that mix of experience.”

IMG_0347.JPG[1]How did I know that Broderick Johnson and Michelle Norris would turn out not to be just Democratic  revolving door/Culture of Corruption  types but minority Culture of Corruption types? (Michelle Norris  is just African-American enough to be a member of the Black Journalists Association— her profile picture from her "Race Card Project" is reproduced right.)

Well, I guessed it because of the note that Norris is a "friend of the Obamas".

I don't think Obama has that many white friends. I'm sure Michelle Obama doesn't.

See previously, on Obama's minority cronies/appointees and the Minority Occupation Government:

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