Limbaugh, One Old Vet On Amnesty Ploy Scandal. On GOP Scandal
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New Dems

In a healthy polity the big controversy of August would be the sudden massive increase in the use of the Amnesty stratagem discussed by Brenda Walker last night in Mexicans: Now They Are Claiming Asylum In Droves. GOP Congresscritters would be all over the MSM demanding it be stopped.

As the wonderful Rush Limbaugh said in his piece discussing this outrage yesterday

“…we're in the middle of one of the greatest demographic upheavals that this country has ever experienced.  This country is undergoing an identity transformation unlike it has ever seen, and it is a transformation that's been being sponsored and engineered by the current administration.”

(My emphasis.) The New Wave of Illegal Immigration August 12, 2013.

It was apparent right from the start that the Obamacrat Immigration strategy was to not enforce the country’s immigration laws and implement Amnesty by decree – and that the correct remedy for such lawlessness is impeachment. GOP cowardice (or worse) has tremendously encouraged them.

The indefatigable One Old Vet has been provoked to depart from his usual news agglomeration strategy and write an incisive editorial: Re: Influx of ILLEGALS Seeking “Asylum”

In the story below former U.S. Attorney for Southern California Peter Nunez disingenuously says:

“This clearly has to have been orchestrated by somebody,” … “It’s beyond belief that dozens or hundreds or thousands of people would simultaneously decide that they should go to the U.S. and make this claim.”

Well, here’s a news flash for you Mr. Nunez. Obama’s DHS published a detailed “howto” instructing ILLEGALS how to claim asylum on the official DHS web site (LINK)

An OOV commenter notes

I read they posted that information to DHS site in mid June…. It is ludicrous policy and the Obama administration must be rolling on the floor laughing seeing just how far they can push the envelope. They are rubbing the collective noses of the american people in dogcrap and loving every minute of it.

(One Old Vet has subsequently posted a excellent compendium on this scandal.) asks (as usual) WHERE IS THE GOP?

Alas, the question is rhetorical. There is now no doubt where they are: lining up for more handouts from the likes of Sheldon Adelson and Mark Zuckerberg and other Billionaire Open Border fanatics.

America is being sold.

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