Rubio Threatens General Administrative Amnesty—Commenters Ask: So Why Not Impeachment?
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Marco Rubio (Conquistador-FL) is trying a new, even more illogical, argument to stampede patriot opponents of his Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill:

If Congress doesn’t pass a comprehensive immigration reform law in the next year then President Barack Obama might be “tempted” to legalize 11 million undocumented immigrants by executive order, Sen. Marco Rubio said Tuesday morning.

Stalling on Capitol Hill might force the president’s hand, the Florida Republican said.

Marco Rubio warns of immigration executive order, by Burgess Everett, POLITICO, Aug 13, 2013 


As happens so often, the comment thread contains the obvious answer. Thus "Jake" writes:

If that occurs, Rubio should have the guts to support impeachment.

Impeachment! It's coming yet! You heard it first on

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