Asylum Fraud Is The New Immigrant Visa
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Recent events on the border have confirmed my revelation that the Obama Regime Asylum Amnesty is the new method to immigrate to the United States. (h/t author W. R. Flynn)

At the Otay crossing near the San Diego border last Monday, about 200 people coming from Mexico gained entry to the United States all using the same key phrase; they claimed they had a 'credible fear' of drug cartels. According to KSAZ FoxPhoenix:

So many were doing this that they had to close down the processing center and move the overflow by vans to another station.

"They are being told if they come across the border, when they come up to the border and they say certain words, they  will be allowed into the country," said a person who did not want to be identified on camera.  "We are being overwhelmed."

This apparent new shift in tactics to enter the United States comes at a time when the Associated Press is reporting a spike in the number of asylum requests in the past few years:

According draft testimony for USCIS Associate Director Joseph Langlois that was to be submitted for a congressional hearing on asylum requests last month, USCIS received more than 19,119 asylum requests through the end of May. The agency anticipates receiving more than 28,600 by the end of the fiscal year.

According to the testimony, during the 2009 budget year the agency received just 5,369 such requests.

However, this new phenomenon is out of all proportion, even with this spike. To put those numbers in perspective with the 200 people making asylum requests on one day at one border crossing, 200 people a day equals 73,000 people a year — close to three times the total number received all year, at all border crossings.

Sudden Flood Of Asylum Requests At U.S./Mexico Border, by Lee Stranahan, Breitbart August 11, 2013 ,

My blog had a dust up with National Review Online's Jay Nordlinger over the trends in asylum fraud from Mexico. And it has only gotten worse since 2011.

It is clear that the Regime plans to flood the country with illegal aliens by hook or by crook.

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