Limbaugh Denounces GOP Establishment For Heeding Treason Lobby!
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His country needs him.

Last June after the Supreme Court outrageously did a Bakke and surreptitiously sabotaged Arizona’s SB 1070 – with no protest or even meaningful comment from the cowardly Romney campaign – I was so impressed with Rush Limbaugh’s clear understanding and firm reaction to this disaster that I posted Arizona Decision Response: Draft Rush Limbaugh For President?

Much the same response is warranted by Limbaugh’s powerful afternoon broadcast today: Gloomy GOP Establishment Types Think They Will Lose Because of Immigration Rush Aug 27, 2012

This was triggered by a post on the Neocon site AEI Ideas What a gloomy GOP campaign guru just told me in TampaJames Pethokoukis August 27, 2012

If Romney loses, there will be war in the GOP over immigration and how party is connecting — or, rather, not connecting — with Hispanic voters. Sticking Marco Rubio or some other profile Hispanic politician on the ticket is not enough.

Limbaugh replied with a two- fisted attack. One target was the campaign consultants – who are of course much disliked by us too. Limbaugh snarled:

The Republican brain trust, the consultants, have told everybody else in the party that the moderates and the independents do not like partisanship…We only hear it's the Republicans have to clam up..It's the Republicans who have to put shackles on themselves otherwise the independents and moderates are gonna run right back to Democrats. I myself have never bought it. I think it's a trick. But the Republican consultancy (as a community or as a group) buys it, and that's what they tell all their candidates that hire 'em…

And, of course, there's the racial factor, too, that the Republican consultants hamstring themselves. "Well, we can't be critical of him anyway because he's black, and we just can't do that! They're gonna call us racists and so forth and so on." So we allow ourselves to be shackled. We do it to ourselves by believing this.

The other fist was swung at a much more dangerous and important enemy. Limbaugh:

Somewhere in the Republican establishment, there are a lot of people who are totally... I wish I could use a colloquial term to describe 'em here. They are just absorbed in immigration. They just want amnesty. It's the only thing that matters to them. …They think it's the road to whatever they think they want to happen.

He concluded

…they're hell-bent on immigration, these establishment guys. Whoever they are, they're hell-bent on it. They have a singular focus on that that arouses my curiosity. hopes Limbaugh’s curiosity remains aroused – or that he continues listening to his listeners. We have suggestions as to answers: here, here and here.

In the meantime, one of his callers opened by saying

Rush, it's truly a great honor, and thank you for being a voice for the heart and soul of America.

That appears to be no less than the truth.

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