Obamacrat Administrative Amnesty Surge Continues. Where is GOP?
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Speaker Boehner: "Those Rubes actually thought we would DO SOMETHING about Immigration!"

Ever since it became obvious  last Fall the Congressional GOP “Leadership” intended no effective challenge to the flagrantly illegal Obamacrat Administrative Amnesty of illegal aliens, the Regime has been coming up with so many new ways of breaking down the enforcement machinery that it is exhausting to follow them.

The W.D.Reasoner blog over at C.I.S. has noted two more:

A Double Whammy: Policy Dump on Administrative Amnesty April 2, 2012

The administration snuck a couple of immigration-related policy actions past the public this weekend.(Weekend news items, the media-wise tell us, are less likely to garner attention, and therefore outrage.)

The first item, reported by the Los Angeles Times on Saturday, involved the decision to permit aliens applying for resident status on the basis of kinship with United States citizens to remain in the United States while awaiting the adjudication of their papers….Congress amended the immigration laws to require that departure…In a fell swoop, using executive powers in lieu of introducing legislation he knows won't pass, the president has vitiated congressional intent.

…The second action involved continuation and expansion of the administration's ongoing attempt to jettison thousands of pending deportation cases from the immigration courts….Memo from Uncle Sam to aliens whose cases are dismissed: "Beat it. Don't call us, we'll call you … if your case is approved. (It probably will be. We've got that under control now.) But if not, don't worry, be happy. We won't come looking for you. Better yet, get a job. You won't need to look over your shoulder at your place of employment. We're out of that business too."

The business the Obama Administration is in is Electing a New People.

This is not going to change. The change Patriots need to address, as the E-Verify Bill debacle also suggested, is on Capitol Hill, in the GOP Leadership. The present gang are proven Slave Power - if not Treason Lobby - servants.


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