That CRASH! was Obama dropping Enforcement.
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Maybe it is gloom inculcated by previous generations spent on rain-swept Northern Atlantic coasts rather than sun-drenched Mediterranean shores, but I can’t share Joe Guzzardi’s radiant optimism expressed on Friday about the present situation. Although I admit he made great calls on Amnesty defeats in the past.

It is true that not getting Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration is important. As Stephen Steinlight correctly said recently

“If comprehensive immigration reform were ever to pass, Heaven help us, it would have the most enduring and palpable impact on this country of any piece of legislation since the Emancipation proclamation.
“The heart of that legislation is not amnesty. That’s a weapon of mass distraction. The heart of that is doubling legal immigration. Given the way the system works, the engine of extended family reunification, chain immigration, it will mean 60 million to 100 million more Mexicans here in 20 years.

But the trouble is that, with the Birthright Citizenship loophole unaddressed and Immigration law enforcement lacking, every year with nothing done moves this country perceptibly closer to becoming an Hispanic slum.

And non-Enforcement is what is happening. Federale has an excellent analysis up: The Real Meaning Behind The New Immigration Enforcement Regulations Thursday, May 7, 2009

Much has been made about the new immigration workplace enforcement policies and even pro-enforcement watchdogs have been fooled… Even Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, usually a very solid figure on the illegal alien issue was taken in by the new written policies…

…the secret to not enforcing the law was hidden in the new regulations. The new regulations require that before any immigration raid, ICE obtain obtain indictments, criminal arrest or search warrants, or a commitment from a U.S. Attorney’s Office to prosecute the employer before arresting employees for civil immigration violations.

And that will be a long time coming. U.S. Attorneys are first and foremost political hacks… They will have what is euphemistically called in the federal law enforcement community, “other priorities.”… I can assure you that few AUSAs will be obtaining search warrants, arrest warrants or providing indictments for ICE… The only way of denting this gaming of the system is mandatory use of E-Verify, which Janet Reno Napalitano and Baraka Hussein Obama oppose.

QED, the enforcement of immigration laws against illegal aliens is deader than someone with Swine Flu.

So it looks like we are back to the early Bush years. (which I have bookmarked as LoneWacko – has there been a name change?) notes
Obama budget ends SCAAP, just like Bush did (reimburses states for illegal alien incarceration)

Clearly that discourages apprehensions.

All in all, I have to concur with a FAIR email I got last night

Obama Administration Implements Non-Enforcement Policy

“…unmistakable signals” have been translated into unmistakable deeds, all leading to the inescapable conclusion that not only won’t the administration vigorously enforce laws against illegal immigration, but their intent is to dismantle immigration enforcement programs altogether… DHS released 27 of the 28 illegal aliens nabbed in the Bellingham enforcement action and issued them work permits and the right to remain in the country for an indefinite period.

Napolitano indicated that the administration will focus its enforcement efforts on businesses and executives responsible for employing illegal aliens. How the government will be able to prosecute businesses and executives for employing illegal aliens without conducting worksite enforcement is not clear…

What distinguishes the actions of the Obama administration from those of its predecessors is that the president is affirmatively dismantling existing immigration enforcement programs and infrastructure. While Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush did little to enforce immigration laws when they assumed power, their inaction was merely a perpetuation of the status quo.

The status quo inherited by President Obama, on the other hand, was one in which ICE was successfully carrying out enforcement actions… In the case of the current president, not enforcing worksite immigration laws required a deliberate and calculated change in direction.

This Obama crowd is a bad lot.

It is raining here tonight as well.

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