Leftist Robert Reich Is Slightly To The Right Of J.R.R. Tolkien When It Comes To His Own Berkeley Neighborhood
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A real estate developer in ultra-expensive Berkeley wants to tear down an old, rather ramshackle house to put 10 units on its big lot. Here’s the 73 page historical preservation report on the house, a report that probably cost more than a small house in Oklahoma. And here’s the street view showing there is already 3-story apartment complex right across the street.

Not surprisingly, the ultra-progressive neighbors are explaining that the sacred principle of community preservation means that this kind of demographic progress must be slowed and managed, preferably for a few eons. For example, Robert Reich, secretary of labor in the Clinton Administration and a Berkeley professor of economics, has written to the planning board to explain the progressive principle:

If historic preservation means anything, it means maintaining enough of the character of an older neighborhood to remind people of its history and provide continuity with the present. Development for the sake of development makes no sense when it imposes social costs like


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Of course, many ordinary Americans feel much the same way about the community that is the United States of America as Prof. Reich feels about the community that is his Berkeley neighborhood. But has it ever dawned on Reich to extend some sympathy to his fellow American citizens over immigration policy?

Nah. They are racists and deserve what they have coming to them.

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