Kritarchy In LA: Media Think Leftist Ninth Circuit The Natural State, Usurped By Trump
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The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is America’s most reliably liberal court. It’s the source of a number of what court watchers call ”circuit splits,” where one circuit will rule differently than the rest of America, and the Supreme Court has to resolve it.

That’s why it’s also the most-reversed circuit, and gets called things like the "Ninth Circus Court Of Schlemiels."

That's changing, under Trump and McConnell, who have been appointing conservative judges, so that Left-wing, anti-American judges are only a majority, not a supermajority.

See “Shock wave”: LA Times troubled by Trump’s “flipping” of the 9th Circuit, by Ed Morrissey, February 22, 2020.

In an earlier column called The Ninth Circuit: The Left Coast Versus America, I wrote  that

many years ago, sportswriter/novelist Dan Jenkins referred to the West Coast/Hollywood as the “Left Coast”—because if you stand on Texas and look north, that’s what it is.

Well, the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals covers mostly the Left Coast, as you can see in the map above, and they are incredibly liberal, especially on immigration, because of the two kinds of left-wing voters out there—Californian and Portlandian et cetera whites, and minorities. (The normal people states have less population, and thus fewer judges—California has 53 Congressional Districts, Montana has one.)

Because of the Senatorial veto on judges in a Senator’s state, even a conservative president can’t nominate conservative judges to the Ninth Circuit. They’re all liberals. And their rulings are so bad, they keep getting reversed by the Supreme Court.

Guess what? That rule about the "senatorial veto" or "blue slip" is one of those famous "norms" of American politics that Trump has been ignoring. He probably asked "Who made that rule?" and when they said "It's not an actual rule, more of a tradition..." he went ahead anyway.

See Trump, ignoring Democratic senators, set to name 2 judges in California Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris have voiced their repeated opposition., by Trish Turner, ABC, March 13, 2019.

In my previous post, I noted that Daniel Horowitz had been writing Want to take back our sovereignty? Start by breaking up the Ninth Circuit.

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