Greyhound Moves To Protect Illegal Aliens
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Thanks for nothing Carla Provost, first woman Chief of the United States Border Patrol.  For some inane reason, Provost issued a memorandum that informed Border Patrol Agents that they had no authority to board a commercial conveyance within 100 miles of the border to check for illegal aliens.  Well, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Democrat Attorney General of Washington got a hold of that, and threatened the Big Grey Dog with lawsuits, and Greyhound caved.

This is bad and will get worse, but it is also an opportunity to make an example of Greyhound and the Washington AG.   Provost is scheduled for retirement, and I don’t know if she has left as of today, but President Trump should fire her for her incompetence.  Just as women are not good for medicine, women are even worse for law enforcement, especially lesbians like Provost.


Grossly Incompetent Carla Provost

Greyhound, the nation’s largest bus company, said Friday that it will stop allowing Border Patrol agents without a warrant to board its buses to conduct routine immigration checks.

The company’s announcement came one week after The Associated Press reported on a leaked Border Patrol memo confirming that agents can’t board private buses without the consent of the bus company. Greyhound had previously insisted that even though it didn’t like the immigration checks, it had no choice under federal law but to allow them.

In an emailed statement, the company said it would notify the Department of Homeland Security that it does not consent to unwarranted searches on its buses or in areas of terminals that are not open to the public — such as company offices or any areas a person needs a ticket to access.

[Greyhound To Stop Allowing Border Patrol On Buses For Immigration Checks, by Gene Johnson, Associated Press/USAToday, February 22, 2020]

In a very strange statement, Greyhound said it made the decision to protect its customers and employees.  Protect them from having law enforcement on their buses?

“Our primary concern is the safety of our customers and team members, and we are confident these changes will lead to an improved experience for all parties involved,” the statement said.

This is clearly not true.  What appears to be true is that Greyhound wants to take advantage of the illegal alien and of drug smuggler market, and not having Border Patrol Agents on the buses checking for drugs and illegal aliens will increase corporate profits but bring untold damage to the American people.

As I reported on Friday, there is no legal basis for Greyhound to keep Border Patrol off its buses and there furthermore no legal basis for the Attorney General of Washington to enforce that rule.

Greyhound has faced pressure from the American Civil Liberties Union, immigrant rights activists and Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson to stop allowing sweeps on buses within 100 miles of an international border or coastline. In many cases, the buses being checked were not crossing or even approaching an international boundary…

Ferguson said in an email his office will follow up with Greyhound to ensure compliance.

The authority of immigration offices to board any conveyance within 100 miles of the border is well established in law, Title 8 United States Code Section 1357(a)(3):

(3) within a reasonable distance from any external boundary of the United States, to board and search for aliens any vessel within the territorial waters of the United States and any railway car, aircraft, conveyance, or vehicle, and within a distance of twenty-five miles from any such external boundary to have access to private lands, but not dwellings, for the purpose of patrolling the border to prevent the illegal entry of aliens into the United States;

[Title 8 USC 1357, Powers of Immigration Officers and Employees, Legal Information Institute, undated]

If Provost has not officially retired yet, she should be fired and the new Acting General Counsel for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) should immediately rescind the memorandum and replace it with a strong endorsement of the border search authority in Title 8.  Now, as a line agent, Provost likely did not author the memorandum herself; she presumably would have used the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of the Chief Counsel, Scott Falk for the legal reasoning.


Chad Mizelle, Acting General Counsel

Mizelle should also fire Falk.  It is time to clean up DHS, getting rid of the Resistance and Deep State saboteurs.  The Trump Administration is planning a purge of the Deep State led by Johnny McEntee; perhaps he should start at DHS.

You can contact Falk here and at (202) 344-2940.  Be polite and let him know that he has seriously damaged immigration law enforcement.


Deep State Saboteur Scott Falk

Besides that, AG Ferguson also needs to be put in his place, as does Greyhound.  Increased enforcement on Greyhound should be the first step to show them who is boss and if Ferguson interferes, he should be arrested for aiding illegal aliens, a violation of Title 8 USC 1324, Bringing In And Harboring Certain Aliens and interfering with a Federal officer, Title 18 USC 111, Impeding A Federal Officer.

The response to sabotage and support for illegal aliens should be met with strong and immediate action, perhaps Stephen Miller and Ken The Knife should act now!

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