Ninth Circuit Court Needs Fort Sumter Treatment
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It is of course entirely appropriate that on the anniversary of the Fort Sumter bombardment we have to contemplate the Ninth Circuit’s 2-1 vote for Despotism and Tyranny: Next move in the Arizona illegal immigration law fight: An immediate Supreme Court petition? Andrew Malcolm The Los Angeles Times April 11, 2011.

By refusing to allow implementation of Arizona’s S.B 1070 law, these Judges are in effect saying the Executive Branch has the option not to enforce Federal law. S.B 1070 is designed to replicate U.S immigration regulations and if the Obamacrats were doing their duty rather than operating a stealth amnesty it would be moot.

The Court also spiced things up by giving foreign governments a role in American law enforcement:

“I note," said [Arizona Attorney General Tom] Horne, "that the 9th Circuit relied heavily on the opposition of foreign governments in upholding the injunction on two of the four elements. As the dissent by Judge Carlos T. Bea eloquently stated, foreign governments should not be given a ‘heckler’s veto’ to establish preemption by the federal government over the state.”

Of course it is not news that the Federal Bench is weighed down with Treason Lobby members. No wonder, as Rasmussen reports today 65% Say Most Judges Should Be Elected, Political Class Disagrees

All of which reinforces what I said in 2009: A Lincolnesque Obama means Trouble.

Thomas DiLorenzo’s book The Real Lincoln is imperative reading this year—because of renewed Constitutional debauchment, arbitrary government and Executive despotism , not just for the anniversary.

A recent summary by DiLorenzo of his analysis is here.

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