Will Democrats Risk Their Judicial Aces For Muslim Immigration?
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Besides being a necessary if preliminary step towards fixing America’s immigration disaster, Trump’s Executive Order banning travel from certain Muslim countries is serving another excellent public purpose: clearing the way for an enraged Public to force action to curtail the Judiciary’s power grab since the 50’s. At VDARE.com we usually refer to this as the Kritarchy.

There are surprising signs that some on the Left are worried about risking the benefits reaped by their control of the Judiciary on this issue. A week ago the Washington Post ran Sorry, Trump’s refugee order is probably legal By Charles Lane February 1 2017. And yesterday, astonishingly, the Commissars who tightly control the political line at Wall Street Journal’s affiliate MarketWatch allowed the posting of On the immigration ban, the law favors Trump By Brett Arends Feb 7, 2017.

This is actually a far superior analysis than the Washington Post’s and even takes a swipe at MarketWatch’s beloved Tech companies:

Over the weekend close to 100 U.S. companies, most of them in the technology industry, filed a legal motion opposing the president’s immigration proposal…The companies’ so-called amicus brief is long on political rhetoric and short on solid legal fundamentals… Will suspending immigration from, say, Yemen, or Sudan, or Somalia really hurt the ability of, for example, Apple, or Salesforce to recruit talent? Will it interfere with top global technology conferences?
But Arends does recognize a reality:
Legal experts say the case almost certainly will go to the Supreme Court.
This of course is because of the Hyper-Left nature of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, an ongoing threat to the Nation. The present spotlight on it has given the redoubtable Daniel Horowitz the chance to offer a modest proposal:  Want to take back our sovereignty? Start by breaking up the Ninth Circuit Conservative Review February 7, 2017. This essay deserves close attention.

But more decisively and very pleasing to VDARE.com (and extremely alarming to the Left) our favorite idea of impeachment is finally gaining traction on the Right. As usual Horowitz has been in the lead here. In Rogue judges undermine our sovereignty. Here's how Congress can stop them. Conservative Review February 05 2017 he concluded

Finally, the House should bring articles of impeachment against Judge Robart (and others) and finally make an example of these rogue judges.
(In a future article, I plan to address how impeachment was not conceived as merely a tool to be used only against judges who murder people or commit violent crimes, but it was also designed as a congressional check on abuse of power.)
This has not yet appeared.

Over at Conservative HQ a long and powerful piece was posted on Monday: Impeach Federal Judge James L. Robart by George Raisley 2/6/17. This is an exhaustive discussion of the procedure involved and winds up -

We urge the House of Representatives to immediately prepare articles of impeachment against Judge Robart and to hold hearings at the earliest possible hour. Even though Senate Democrats may deny the two-thirds vote necessary to remove Robart from the bench, the public needs to know exactly how his blatant partisanship and anti-constitutional behavior has jeopardized our national security and intruded upon the clear constitutional prerogatives of the Congress and the President.
The reflexive response to impeachment proposals is that they are futile. This did not bother the Democrats when Obamacare was at stake.

But there is another point. Judges exist in a pampered world of conceit and sycophancy. Newt Gingrich saw this in 2011

Gingrich says if there is broad opposition to a court decision, Congress should subpoena the ruling judge to defend his or her action in a hearing room.
Gingrich: Congress can send Capitol Police to arrest rogue judges The Hill 12/18/11. These bloated Egos will welcome being confronted by informed and hostile Congressional interrogators considerably less than the average citizen would welcome an IRS audit.

Will the Left really want to risk their Judicial Trump cards?

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