Kevin McCarthy Cucks On Border Security—No Immigration Provisions In Debt Ceiling Bill
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Well, not much of a surprise. Speaker Kevin McCarthy has presented his Debt Ceiling Bill to extend the debt limit. Instead of solutions to the major problems attached to the bill, only some limited budget cuts are included, but no cuts to programs sexually mutilating children, National Public Radio (NPR), or the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). No language has been attached for issues that are good for Republicans, such as gun rights, immigration control, or civil rights for white Americans.

The must-pass debt-limit increase was a perfect opportunity for Speaker McCarthy to save America and protect the rights of Americans by attaching language to end the illegal Biden amnesties and include language extending civil rights protections against discrimination to White Americans. But no dice from McCarthy: he would rather play Establishment Republican games over minor cuts to the multi-trillion dollar debt than solve problems that are of concern to Americans, especially white Americans who actually vote for Republican candidates for office.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Sunday insisted that the House will pass his $1.5 trillion debt ceiling increase plan this week, but acknowledged that the vote could be tight as there is only a “very small majority” where just five GOP defectors could kill his bill.

“We will hold a vote this week and we will pass it,” the California Republican told Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo, pointing out that he can’t imagine that there is anyone in the House Republican conference that will go along with President Joe Biden’s “reckless spending.”

McCarthy said his bill is “responsible” and that everyone had input on it, but it’s not one where everyone gets everything they want.

[McCarthy: House Will Pass Debt-Ceiling Plan This Week, by Sandy Fitzgerald, NewsMax, April 23, 2023]

Americans don’t care about the debt or the deficit, they do care about the 6 million or more illegal aliens that have entered the United States under Joe Biden. But McCarthy, at best, is playing small ball; at worst, he just doesn’t care about protecting Americans.

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