Is Rush Limbaugh Going Wobbly On Amnesty?
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Does Rush need a fresh light?

My talk show-listening friend has called with what he believes is bad news: Rush Limbaugh will have Marco Rubio (Reconquista-FL) on the second half of his show tomorrow.

My friend says Limbaugh very rarely has guests on his show and is always polite to them. He judges that Limbaugh is succumbing to GOP Establishment pressure and the event will be a PR orgy for Amnesty.

Limbaugh has had a truly wonderful run on this issue lately as James Fulford noted in Rush Limbaugh Makes It Three In A Row On Immigration. He clearly understands the political dynamic at work here. After last summer’s Supreme Court atrocity I asked Arizona Decision Response: Draft Rush Limbaugh For President? I would prefer not to have to retract this judgment.

But going further back the record is shaky, and at the beginning of this past election cycle there were ominous signs as I observed in Limbaugh Goes Bad On Immigration. Again.

Of course I hope this is not true. But I suppose every man has his price (you there, Jim DeMint?) – in the Limbaugh case more likely to be exerted through social rather than financial levers.

There is some evidence Limbaugh listens to his audience. hopes they talk LOUDLY.

My friend says that in his opinion Howie Carr of Boston’s WRKO is emerging as the Patriotic leader on Talk Radio. My friend does not live in the Boston area but listens via Smartphone using the Tunein App. I understand Carr can also be live streamed from the WRKO site.

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