Limbaugh Goes Bad On Immigration. Again.
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Rush LimbaughMy talk-show listening friend just called to say Rush Limbaugh spent much time on his show today demanding that the Immigration issue be not raised in the GOP Presidential contest, apparently claiming that anything but an Hispandering strategy will lose the Republicans Texas.

I gather no dissenting calls were allowed. Request: Would any Patriot seeking to challenge Limbaugh (which very much needs to be done) let us know how they fared with his screeners?

Limbaugh’s defection is not surprising. He dodged the issue for many years – ignoring many efforts by mutual friends to get him to discuss Alien Nation when it was newly published and hotly controversial for example - and has always been subservient to the powerful.

Peter Brimelow has recalled

"…at Bill Buckley's 1996 Election Night party where Limbaugh was guest of honor...I went up to Limbaugh and directly told him he should change sides on immigration. (The fleeting references I'd heard him make were Wall Street Journal dogmatic drivel.) Limbaugh immediately put on a very serious face and said earnestly: "I've not made up my mind yet"). Some years later, at a dinner party in Palm Beach, I told him the same thing. Again, he put on that serious face and said earnestly: "I've not made up my mind yet." Maybe he gets asked the question a lot. At this point, I think it's pretty clear Limbaugh is never going to make up his mind. He played a heroic role in helping stop the Bush amnesties, but was noticeably hesitant about the tougher parts of the problem. I don't believe he has ever criticized legal immigration…

I can't really blame Limbaugh for this. He has a big business to run and he's very vulnerable to advertiser pressure. Patriotic immigration reform is simply not good for media careers."

What advertiser - or other - pressure is exerting itself now?
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