Don't Believe The Lies— There Will Be NO Enforcement Of ANY Immigration Laws
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There will be no enforcement of any immigration laws or any restrictions placed on the upcoming amnesty.  Why?  Because Barack Hussein Obama is cutting back on enforcement as we speak.  And I don't hear  Marco Rubio complaining.

The Press Enterprise January 26, 2013 by By Darrell R. Santschi

Border Patrol Looking Into Allegations Of Targeting Day Laborers

The Customs and Border Protection’s San Diego sector has promised to look into complaints voiced by labor and immigration advocates that Border Patrol agents are targeting day laborers in Home Gardens.

“CBP is committed to enforcing the nation’s laws according to established policies and guidelines,” Chief Patrol Agent Paul Beeson is quoted in an email from a Border Patrol spokesman. “We are looking into news reports regarding enforcement actions referenced in the news conference.”

He was referring to the roadside news conference held Friday in Home Gardens near a large pine tree where day laborers, including some undocumented immigrants, gather in hopes of being recruited for day jobs.

A coalition of labor and immigrant rights groups claimed that about 25 suspected undocumented immigrants have been rounded up by Border Patrol agents over the last two weeks...

Border Patrol critics say the alleged roundups run counter to Obama administration priorities that do not put a premium on pursuing workers who have lived in the United States for years, do not commit crimes after crossing the border and are working to support their families.

So, the Border Patrol is investigating itself for enforcing the laws of the United States?  If it will not enforce the laws of the United States now, how do we know it will enforce any part of the upcoming amnesty that it disagrees with?  The Regime will not.  It will be a free-for-all for criminals, terrorists, welfare cheats, fraud and any provision of law that restricts the amnesty will be ignored. 

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